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History: Sydney The Cat was a Mobian once. That was until Eggman infused a back-up Metal Sonic's abilities and some of the back-up Metal's limbs into her. She was a skilled fighter against the 'Freedom Fighters' until she found that she was only a toy for the fat man. She defected from the 'Eggman Empire' and found Jayhawk The Hedgehog. She follows off of both Blaze The Cat and Metal Sonic due to abilities, skill, agility and instinct. Jayhawk still is trying to figure out if she is the daughter of Silver The Hedgehog and Blaze.

Powers: Overdrive Attack (Metal Sonic), Flame Control (Blaze), Facial Recognition (Metal Sonic), Enhanced Agility (Blaze + Metal Sonic), Life Data Copy (Metal Sonic).

Appearance: Blue Fur, Exposed servo on waist, pink heart on chest area on shirt, maroon stripes down her sleeves, red eyes, black tipped tail

Likes: Destroying Dr Eggman Nega's robots

Dislikes: anyone trying to hack into her, water

File:Sydney The Cybernetic Cat.jpg
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