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Sybil the Panther ( also known as Sybil Panthera) is a 35 year old panther, mother of Mythika the Panther and wife to the Leader of the sages: Koyborn Panthera.


Sybil the Panther was born to a merchant and his wife, and was brought up in a royal society. Her mother died when she was 7. She has one younger brother, Arthur the Panther. However, when Sybil was 14, her father died. His will speculated that Sybil would get 2/3 of the money if she married, and Arthur would get 1/3 of the money, also if he married.

She met Koyborn Panthera at the age of 19, and they instantly became friends. Sybil knew who Koyborn was as she could read minds, and she kept his secret hidden. Koyborn proposed to Sybil only after going out for 5 months. She happily accepted, and her brother's wife was her maid of honor.

After a year of marriage, Mythika was born. Since Koyborn was away most of the time, Mythika became her pride and joy. She was deeply commited to Koyborn.

When Mythika was 7, Sybil was subjected to a disease and, being too weak, she died in her sleep. She now resides in the Golden Palace, as a wife of Koyborn.


Sybil is said, by many including Koyborn, to be extremely pretty. She has long jet balck hair with sky blue eyes, in comparison to Mythika's jade green. She and Mythika are also said to look exactly the same, the only difference being their eye colors.


Unnamed Parents

Arthur the Panther (younger brother, by 2 years)

Koborn Panthera (husband)

Dame/Queen Mythika the Panther/Panthera/Frostflare (daughter)

Unnamed Sister-in-Law

Ambernette the Tigeress (neice)

Princess Lumaria Frostflare (grand-daughter)

Prince Darius Frostflare (grand-son)

Rowena the Panther ( great great-daughter)

Juniper the Tigeress ( great-neice) 


Sybil is Greek for Prophetess

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