Sybe is a member of the Mekators, and is an above average fighter.


Sybe has a caring and protective nature and attitude towards everyone. Sybe is friends with Lep and Lek, for the reason being that if it wasn't for his constant training and maintenance on the two, they would have probably been crushed and melted into spare parts. Sybe is also friends with Rab and Faes, for the reason being, that Faes and Rab accept Sybe for his caring nature more than any other member. On missions, Sybe takes all the recon and scouting missions, mainly because he excells more in the silents arts than the more 'muscular' arts. Sybe rivals Ore the Robo-demon, because Ore keeps on ruining Sybe's missions and destroying his containment lab. Also rivals Brayd the Cat, a member of Team Asbalm, because the two always seem to show each other up with the inventions that they create. He is a good guy, and a member of Search squad.


Sybe is a sleek and slender hedgehog android. His feet are small and slanted to a triangular shape, and his fingers have many joins and links, allowing him to grasp hold of any surface. Around his wrists he has various black circles, all of which can open up and create wires that can move about on their own. Sybe has a pointy black spike sticking out of his nose. His head is plated, making up most of his spine like features, with two larger plates on the side and one small plate in the middle. His eyes have no pupils, and glow a faint green, and have four black triangles around the rims of his eyes which seem to enlarge and shrink at times.


Sybe has the best tracking and close-range combat that the Mekators have to offer. He should know, he put the in himself. Because of this, Sybe often predicts his opponents moves in battle before they would even have a chance to start. Sybe also has the ability to translate any language or ancient manuscripts. Also has the abilities of super speed and exceptional accuracy of the bodily pressure points.


  • Close range combat
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Evasion


  • Large opponents
  • Strong opponents
  • Road spikes



  • Lek the Light-bot
  • Lep the Shade-bot
  • Faes the Aqua-bot
  • Rab the Robo-cat


  • Ore the Robo-demon
  • Brayd the Cat


  • None so far
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