Swords Dance is an effective but time-consuming technique, used for enhancing one's physical strength.


This attack is performed by the user performing a type of "fighting dance", with a set of smooth, fluid movements, almost like tai-chi. Through these movements, the user hones and concentrates their energy, focusing it throughout their body. When the dance is completed, the user's physical strength is increased to lethal levels due to the focused energy, allowing normally mediocre attacks to strike with great power.

However, this attack is dangerous to use, as going through the full set of movements takes some time, and leaves the user vulnerable to attack. This technique can be performed much more quickly, but doing so exchanges the reduction in time for a toll on stamina, the greater the amount the faster the technique is performed.


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  • Mind over Matter - Psychic variant, the user swiftly meditates and focuses on generating energy within the body to generate greater strength.
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