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The Legendary Blade, The Sword of Light

This is Rrfyggyyhyyhuythh's take on the Sword of Light.


The Sword of Light was created when Arthur Acorn, met with legendary mage and his future wife, Palutena Heart, and asked to put a piece of her power into the sword, giving it many gifts. It was used to defeat the Ixis Cult and has been passed down generations in the Acorn Family.

Powers & Abilities

  • Magic Negation: The sword has the power nullify magic.
  • Healing: The sword has the power to heal injuries of it's user, and others.
  • Evil Immunity: The Sword can't be used by those who are evil.
  • Evil Detection: The sword can sense evil within the hearts of others.
  • Paladin Form Initiation: When wielded by a member of the Acorn Family, they activate their Paladin Form.