The Sword of Light is a magical weapon created by Aurora to combat evil forces. The sword passed throughout generations of the Light, the chosen hero of each generation.


The Sword of Light is silver blade crafted with a golden guard with a wooden handle. The sword comes with a scabbard made of gold and wood with an acorn as the symbol of the Kingdom of Acorn, although this only applies to Marsha as she has had the scabbard custom-made.


  • Previous Lights: Chosen heroes from previous generations dating back to when Aurora first became a goddess.
  • Anastasia "Marsha" Vixi: The current Light and therefore, the sword's current wielder.


The Sword of Light, aside from having the standard of acting like a sword, was made to combat evil forces and dark magic as well as countering magic attacks.



Shortly after ascending to goddess-hood and writing the tombs, she knew that Mobius would need heroes to protect it from her former lover's influence. She created the Sword of Light and gave it to the very first Light. From then on, the Sword of Light would find it's way to the next Light after that current Light had passed on.

Marsha the Fox: Find the Light

The Sword of Light makes it debut in Marsha the Fox: Find the Light, after Marsha discovers the sword deep into Labrynth Zone. She returns to Mobotropolis only to come into conflict with Walter Naugus who was attempting to over throw Nigel Acorn. Marsha engages into battle with Naugus, becoming surprised when she discovered that her newly-found sword is able to deflect Naugus' magic. Eventually Marsha would be forced to face Enerjak himself, but not before Aurora came to her as a vision to encourage her to fulfil her destiny.

The Freedom Fighters

The Sword of Light reappears in The Freedom Fighters as Marsha's weapon she uses in her storyline.

Sonic Chronicles: Freedom Fight!

The Sword of Light reappears in Sonic Chronicles: Freedom Fight! as a weapon equipped exclusively to Marsha.

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