The first four Gem Switches found in Racket The Raccoon.

Gem Switches, or just simply Switches, is a switch that is first seen in Racket The Raccoon. The Gem switch comes in 5 different colors, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and Purple. They are found in 5 different areas of the Northern Islands. Jumping on these switches activates them. When activated, they transform any transparent block into fully solid blocks, making anyone able to walk on them without falling off, making former inaccessible areas accessible.


  • Racket The Raccoon


Gem Switches turn any transparent block into solid blocks, allowing the player to cross through former

Block from transparent into solid.

inaccessible areas.


The Yellow Gem Switch block can be found in the depths of the Wild Forest, hidden inside a cave/door (as are every other switch). A roachnik appears to be guarding it.

The 2nd Switch, the green switch, can be found in the second level of the Antarctic Acres, at the most bottom part of the middle part of the stage.

The 3rd Switch, the Blue switch, can only be found inside the Dusty Dunes' Giant Pyramid. Near 1/2 of the level, you'll find it hidden and protected by a couple of Phantoms. The player must go inside a hidden block to discover the door in which the Switch is located in.

The 4th switch, the Red Switch, is found albit farther inside the 2nd level of the Volcanic Cavern. After riding the second Mining Cart, the player must cross a bridge and fall into the following pit, but has to be careful in making a sharp left, landing on the platform below him/her, or else he/she will fall in a pit and die.The door that leads to the switch. is in the middle of the grotto.

The 5th and final switch, the Purple switch, is found in the depths of the Gem Crevice. After falling in a large pit (the screen will turn black) in the crevice, the player must advance towards some spikes and falling platforms that lead to them. The door that leads to the switch. is hidden behind a blue ice crystal.


All of the switches in their respective locations.


Very similar objects found in the Mario series, the ! Switches have very similar effects. They first appear in [[1]] 1990 Super Mario World.

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