Codename: Tactician, often called Swiftrunner for his assassin-styled mercenary tactics, is an infamous person whom currently leads a formed militia that opposes any form of military support that governs someone's defense known as The Insurgent. He just so happens to be an Ex-G.U.N engineer himself, having worked with the association's Weapons Development department and Mechanical Engineering department for several years, after deciding that, beyond the public's knowledge, governing operations have dark and corrupt secrets about them that should be stopped in order to maintain happiness and peace for all individuals. He is a very complex person, often displaying ideals of pacifism although creating a violent group to combat another, possibly inciting war; however many of his morals can be considered justifiable and reasonable.

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General Info


Swiftrunner and his militia tends to be a nomadic group, moving from one location to the next, often leaving behind small groups just in case something happens to the majority. This tactic often throws off enemy troops, as they can be considered invading a country and incite war between themselves and that country's army. Due to Swiftrunner's intelligence, he also hides the identities of himself and many high-ranking officers in order to conceal himself just in case an ally is captured and may be forced to give up information about the militia. Their identities are sometimes even wiped and replaced, given false background information to prevent tracking of their location, as well as family and friends. Most of the times, the militia operates in underground vaults within abandoned military bases and concealed places within the country to keep themselves from being detected by enemies. Also due to his current status, he will continue to be nomadic and moving from one location to the next.

Current Status

After being an Ex-G.U.N engineer and realizing his potential to change the world greatly by eliminating governmental corruption, Swiftrunner decided to band together a group of individuals into a militia that could suppress these governing bodies and eliminate their establishments. For this, he is considered a highly dangerous criminal on charges of Conspiracy (against governing bodies), Theft (of G.U.N technology and schematics), Forgery (creating fake identities), Hate Crimes (taking over small towns and placing his militia there), Kidnapping (holding G.U.N and other army soldiers hostage), Money Laundering (trafficking money to his militia), Extortion (threatening business into trafficking money to his militia), First Degree: Murder (having militia intentionally kill others), Second Degree: Murder (killing others unintentionally), Arson and Vandalism (destroying many military bases), and White Collar Crimes. His decision has changed his life drastically, as he can not have a social life to anyone who isn't a criminal; however he seems to not mind in the end of it all.


Swiftrunner has very inciteful and complex morals, that often contradict. He heavily displays ideals of pacifism, saying that war is unnecessary to the benefits of the world, however he himself would wage war against a threat that could cause massive destruction. He believes that people do not need governing bodies to defend themselves, as many individuals have, themselves and friends, supernatural abilities that greatly enhanced their physical capabilities anyways and if they do not, they can use other tactics such as the one's Swiftrunner and his militia uses. He believes too much power is often given to others in order to maintain peace and lead things, leading them to take granted of it and use other individuals, who can often do the tasks that these power-driven people do, as puppets and entertainment. All in all, Swiftrunner wants to remove people with lots of power in their possession to give more freedom to the public and society.

Physical Appearance

Swiftrunner is an abnormally-taller mobian, averaging around 4'2" in height and 90 lbs in weight. His body is not physically built, but enough to be called healthy, fit and lean to others. Nothing is none about how he looks, or even what species of mobian he is as he always covers his entire body up to conceal his identity. His attire constantly changes, although he usually keeps a few accessories and articles of clothing on him at all times and usually stays with one color scheme of white, black and a light neon blue. His face is covered by a large gas mask, that not only alters his voice a bit so he can not be recognized by voice, but has large red-visor like goggles built into the mask that is technologically engineered by himself and used as a tactical advantage. He wears a a small helmet and cloak over his head in order to conceal any signs of hair flowing out that anyone can recognize or pick up on and analyze it. Upon his left arm, he has a mechanically engineered arm that allows him to use as a weapon as well as store the chemical energy made from his weapons to use in combat. Within the arm's hand lies a touch-screen panel that he uses to create holograms of many little things to add him in combat. His arm is usually concealed by a long sleeve jacket or shirt. His clothing consists of a white shirt, combat vest over it, 2 bandoliers across his combat vest in the shape of an X (one holding 5 throwing knifes and the other holding 5 pouches that consist of 3 grenades each), a tattered trenchcoat over it that has metallic shoulder-guards strapped to it, one wrist strap holding a throwing knife over his right trechcoat sleeve, a large 8 pouch bandolier that goes around his waist like a belt with his whip hanging from the back of it, cargo jeans with a sheath from his waist bandolier to his left leg and a strap that holds 3 small poles around his left leg, two holsters on each side of his hip that holds two guns and combat boots that has little secrets.




Much, if not all, of Swiftrunner's past is shrouded within an enigmatic atmosphere of confusion, as no one knows exactly his background other than he had been a former Engineer for G.U.N a few years back. Many of his allies have tried to gain information about him, however they could not make any connections to whom he was, as his former files within G.U.N were missing alongside all former Engineers who quit the same year as he did. Swiftrunner often talks about his past to his commanders and arms-in-chief, however the information is so vague that they can not pinpoint whom he could exactly be. He would often say things such as graduating top of his class at Division 1 schools and studying multiple topics that helped expand his intellectual prowess. He speaks very little of any family or friends and when asked, he says that only the present matters or that his militia is his family and friends now. 


As stated before, Swiftrunner has no special abilities whatsoever, although he does have peak physical human capabilities and an arsenal of weapons that he has developed himself at his disposal.

  • Genius-level Intellect: Having an I.Q. of well over 200, he is a brilliant, virtually peerless, commander, strategist, engineer, tactician, and scientist, being widely regarded as having one of the keenest analytical minds. Most, if not all, of his traits are developed from his intellectual prowess.
    • Polymath: Over the course of his education at Division 1 schools throughout Mobius, he has studied Biology, Forensic Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Mythology, Geography, & History. Gained degrees in Engineering, Computer Sciences, Advanced Chemistry, Physical Sciences, Advanced Technology and Mechanics by an early age in his mid 20's. He has developed skills, over time, in Diverse Environmental Training, Security Systems, and Expanded Device Pool use of personal powered armor and system, database creation on underworld crime bosses, illegal transactions between businesses and money trafficking throughout the world; improved material sciences for body armor and micro-machinery by the time he got a job at G.U.N/quit in his late 20's.
    • Master Tactician: As his codename displays, Swiftrunner is a highly experienced and intellectually strategic tactician. He always puts his mind into any situation and can analyze it thoroughly to process and determine the best scenario to tackle the problem. He usually has cunning tactics to outwit his enemies and creates multiple plans and schematics within his head to analyze each and every option he can take about doing things.
    • Master Engineer: Studying engineering even since he was a little boy, he has developed thorough knowledge and experience throughout working and researching upon inventing and engineering different things that are mechanical, technological and even chemical engineering. At his G.U.N job, he would be the one developing new weapons and ways to use those weapons with experimented chemicals, as well as helping out with mechanics around the base.
    • Weapon Specialist: Having developed and studied multiple different types of weapons ranging from melee to rifles, although mostly explosives, he is more than capable enough to be called an expert on them. Not only his knowledge plays fair, but his utilization of each listed weapon plays fair into his expert status on weapons.
    • Investigation: Due to his natural intellectual behavior and tactical thinking, he is capable of observation, forensic investigation, and inductive and deductive reasoning of the highest caliber. Human intuition is one of his most effective tools. Given any situation that needs solving, he can arrive at the correct conclusions with a fraction of the data.
  • Interrogation: He is adept in interrogation techniques, often using ruthless and torturous methods to induce fear into his enemies into talking. He would often use his frightening presence to the unknown in order to get them to talk but several other methods, such as holding them in point-blank range and even shooting his own ally in a vital point to induce fear. His intimidation knows no bounds.
  • Expert Marksman: He is an expertly skilled marksman, training with weapons since the days he had been developing them. He is skilled with throwing projectile weapons, firearms and most prominently, explosives. You could say he is a clear shot and using his Mark of the Tactician technique, could easily tag an opponent with a bullet.
  • Stealth: Often, he infiltrates governing operations and tries to destroy it from the inside out, rather than using his militia all the time. He would only use them when he needed to. Training his ninjutsu and using the tactical advantages within his mechanical arm, he becomes a master at stealth, often bypassing, breaching and hacking into high-level security places.

Equipment and Weapon Arsenal

As stated before, Swiftrunner happens to utilize an arsenal of equipment that he has developed, over time, and can use against many different opponents in combat, whenever he needs to. He currently has:

  • ZY:1201 Merc Commander Armor (Enhanced) - A combat vest mechanically enhanced by Swiftrunner in order to receive high amounts of damage from explosions, bullets and supernatural abilities and remain unscathed; plated with hardened steel that weighs down the wearer a bit.
  • ZY:1204 Merc Commander Gas Mask (Specialized) - A specialized gas mask used by Swiftrunner and given to his commanders in order to conceal their identities and tactically used the technological enhancements to the built in red-visor goggles to their advantage. Allows them to scan and analyze information about the environment they review.
  • ZY:1202 Merc Disfrozen Grenades - A specially designed grenade holding a chemically engineered compound known as Cryosine that gives off a small explosion of plasma energy upon contact with a hard surface. Some grenades can hold different effects, such as standard explosive grenades (neon blue), bouncing grenades (yellow), napalm grenades (red), freezing grenades (dark blue), acid-inducing grenades (green) and much more. Combinations of effects are possible.
  • ZY:1205 Merc Striker - A specially, technologically and mechanically engineered prototype arm that allows the user to enhance their strikes greatly as well as extract the Cryosine energy from the grenades to allow the arm to induce similar effects. For example, explosive grenades would give the arm explosive strikes, napalm grenades would allow the arm to shoot Cryosine energy at their opponent, freezing grenades would allow the user to grab and freeze their opponents targeted body part and acid-inducing grenades would allow the user to grab and burn their opponents targeted body part using acidic material. Within the arm's hand (not palm), is a small panel that can open up into a touch-screen panel that would allow the user to holographically create different structures, such as a mini-turret, holographic decoy or mortar launcher. On the arm's palm lies the opening for the grenade to dock and extract it's energy into the arm's core. Touching an opponent with this arm, Swiftrunner can mark them with his Mark of the Tactician, having his technology lock on to his opponent (regarded the holographically made tech'). The holographic decoy can cause a stun, like a taser.
  • ZY:1206 Merc Disfrozen Shells - Essentially the Disfrozen Grenades in the shape of bullet shells, having the same effects
  • ZY:1203 Merc Disfrozen Bang - His specially engineered signature weapon, a standard looking magnum revolver that holds up to 16 Disfrozen shells to shoot at his opponents. The weapon needs consistent ammunition and reloading.
  • ZY:1207 Merc Blitz - A technologically designed whip that can be used to induce an electrical current through it, in order to tase and stun an opponent. Swiftrunner often uses it to disarm others.
  • ZY:1208 Merc Shadow and Darkness - Technologically specialized throwing knives that can also induce the effects of Disfrozen weapons by adding a smaller Disfrozen shell to it.
  • ZY:1209 Merc Dizfrozen Triple-Take Launcher - His specially engineered magnum that has three barrels, shooting up to three Disfrozen Grenades from it, rather than having to throw them at his opponent. He rarely uses this weapons.
  • ZY:1212 Merc Disfrozen Chaos Catalyst - His technologically engineered musket that holds up to six Disfrozen Portal shell (upgraded Disfrozen Shells).|
  • ZY:1211 Merc Anarchy - A large staff that can split into three small poles as well as hold Disfrozen shells and fire them when in small sections.


  • Bruce Wayne (Batman) - Batman (DC Universe)

Most of Swiftrunner's base designs, all the way down to his weapons, comes from the Caped Crusader himself. I always loved Batman, being one of my favorite superheroes, and decided to have a character that would be very different from him but take a lot of inspiration out of the famous Dark Knight.

  • Chung (Tactical Trooper) - Elsword

This is where my character's initial idea came from, as, I play as a Tactical Trooper (TT) and love the class job.

  • New California Republic (NCR) Ranger - Fallout (series)

I have always loved the Fallout series, ever since playing Fallout 2 and I loved the design of the NCR Rangers when I first saw them appear for Fallout: New Vegas. Swiftrunner's basic design is based off of the NCR Rangers and makes me think even greater of Swiftrunner than I had before.

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