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As Type: Null after Rex names him, The Rising Darkness

Swift the Silvally is a Silvally who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. Like Silvally (character), it is genderless, but speaks with a male voice and is occasionally referred to as male; Swift's voice is higher-pitched and less menacing-sounding than Silvally's.


Swift has the exact same appearance as the Silvally in Lycus' Gang, but is noticeably smaller in size. Also, it has a lighter voice, sounding more like a teenager than a menacing villain.


Upon first meeting it, Swift(initially an unnamed Type: Null), was very nervous and shy, but after being given its name by Rex, is became more sure of itself and gained confidence. Swift soon became a brave fighter once it evolved into Silvally, breaking the helmet that was limiting its power(this is due to its trust in and friendship with Rex, Streak, Pebble, and Aria and its desire to protect Winnie)


Before the Series: Unknown

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm

The Rising Darkness: An unnamed Type: Null rushed to the rescue of Rex Storm, Streak the Bird, Stan the Wolf, and Pebble the Lycanroc, saving them from an attack from Infinite with an Iron Head. After the attack, Type: Null is nervous and shy. When Pebble kindly asks Type: Null its name, it says it doesn't have one. Rex then decides to name it Swift after how fast it was rescuing them. Swift decides it likes its name, waggling its tail eagerly. It then follows Rex, Pebble, Stan, and Streak along their journey. When Infinite controls Stan and makes him strangle Rex, Swift rushes to save him alongside Streak and Pebble, and it is taunted by Infinite, and breaks out of its helmet, evolving into Silvally and learning Multi-Attack to drive Infinite away. Streak supports Rex and helps him stagger over to Swift, and when Stan tries to help, the angry Silvally snorts at him and he backs away. Later, when Rex regains consciousness after passing out, he finds himself laying against Swift with Pebble sitting nearby, watching Streak and Stan argue. Later, the Storm Squad meet Streak's younger sister Winnie and her new caretaker Aria the Zoroark. Winnie marvels over Swift, wondering why its front feet look weird, to a reprimand from Streak. The group then continue to move on, and are soon attacked by Infinite and some clones he has recorded. With its newfound power, Swift uses its new Multi-Attack to plow through the clones and allow its friends to escape. It then uses Ice Beam to hinder Infinite enough for them to get away. It chooses to remain with Rex, Streak, Pebble, Aria, and Winnie on their quest to find the missing warriors from the Alliance.


With its evolution came the power for Swift to change its type at will, as its inhibitor mask prevented it from unleashing its full power.


As Type: Null, Swift's Ability was Battle Armor, which prevented it from being hurt by critical hits.

As Silvally, Swift's Ability is RKS System, which allows it to change its Type at will, thus changing the Type of its signature attack Multi-Attack(much like Arceus, its Plates, and its move Judgement).


Despite its large size, Swift is quite fast, and capable of using its big body and heavy weight to overpower smaller opponents.


Swift's Type-Disadvantages vary depending on what Type it is at the moment. Currently, it is a Normal-Type, and thus weak to Fighting-Types and immune to Ghost-Types.


Type Null
As Type: Null


Swift was originally going to debut in The Heart of a Warrior, but was pushed back to The Rising Darkness due to pacing issues.

Swift is the first Legendary Pokemon to join the Storm Fighters, as well as the first Genderless Pokemon.

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