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Swift has a black leather jacket, showing his stripes on his arms, and an amazing pair of shades, and has purple stripes and gray eyes. His fur color is dark gray, and his shoes are black and purple. He has 4 quills altogether going down and two going up.


Swift can be blunt, childish (similar to Sonic), and egotistical, but when it comes to being serious, he's done for it. When he loses something or someone of major importance to him, he can go into a rage or seriousness that won't go away until he gets back that person/thing, or until he's coaxed out of the mood.


Swift Chaos Hedgehog was created on the night Solarius was destroyed by his Chaos Brothers (They're not his real brothers), Sonic, Shadow, and Silver the Hedgehog in order to destroy Solarius and bring Peace to Mobius again. The form that Swift appeared was similar to Sonic's, Shadow's, and Silver's Fusion state, Silvondow. Swift helped beat Solarius with the final smash, but was forced out of his Super form. This forcement of Chaos Energy leaving him resulted in a body change, having Swift's form be changed to Black and Purple, similar to Mephiles, who was to save him shortly after. Swift was trained by Mephiles, as he had lost his memory and didn't care about it. Swift's allies during the fights and missions that Mephiles had him do were later on murdered by Mephiles, such as the death of Swift's close friend Angel, the girl that died saving him during Swift's escape.

Swift later did the ultimate mission that he was to finally do in order to "become the best", and that was to kill his Chaos Brothers. Swift fought Sonic, Shadow, and Silver, and defeated them, leaving them to die. Shadow told him before he left that they were his Chaos Brothers. When Swift went to Mephiles, and asked him if this was true. Mephiles revealed his master plan to Swift, and told him the truth before trying to kill him. Swift and his friend, Angel, escaped, but before leaving Mephiles' now former base, Angel was killed by Mephiles' technique, the Soul Stab. Swift took her body, hid away in G.U.N.'s base with Shadow, and grieved for her in secret. This inspired Swift to fight back, and after a while of training, Swift went to the Freedom Fighters for help, guidance, and work.

Swift was rejected at first, until he finally got a spot in their ranks. Swift proved to be the ultimate warrior, and also was matched up with his Chaos Brother, Sonic, when it came to speed. With his new team, Swift met some new friends, including Owl and Lily, the cat twins who's lives were impacted by Mephiles just as much as Swift's, Axel the Hedgehog, another warrior, Emm the Time Hedgehog, the last of her race of the Time Hedgehogs, and Ruby Red the fox, warrior of a special clan, and many more. Later on, Swift discovered he was an Ultimate Lifeform, and decided to take it up to the top. Swift even got a girlfriend, and was happy with her until she betrayed the Freedom Fighters, and Swift locked her up in jail. Swift also fought against the Eggman Empire, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik's empire, Chaos, Swift's archenemy and rival, Lily.EXE, Chaos' partner and now-wife, and of course, Mephiles and his cronies.

After being the best, Swift was killed by a mysterious hedgehog, who walked off in a flash of light. Swift had to be ressurected by his friends, and a complete stranger named Emerald. The death and ressurection changed Swift's body again, resulting into a body change, and new powers. Swift later on met up with Emerald, and dated her for a period of time, and finally the two got married. After the honeymoon, and 9 months, Emerald had two kids, Dash and Jewel the Hedgehog, who're half Chaos god/goddess, and half Ultimate Lifeform. Swift decided it was time once again to step up his game, and trained for a very long time. As the kids grew older, Swift grew stronger and more concertrated on being the best of them all. Swift developed a virius in his head, which grew into madness, and the virus named itself Madness, as he was to cause that everytime Swift used his Soul Powers or Chaos Powers.

As Swift grew stronger with the Soul and Chaos Force, and the more he used it, the more the madness would show up. Swift finally cracked a bit when he fought a good friend of his named Hydro, and when he fought Emerald, he almost killed her. Swift was locked up in a portal by Queen Nimue and King Arthur, Emerald's parents and Swift's mother-and-father-in-law, and met Darkness. Swift decided that there was nothing to be afraid of, and had Darkness mortally wound him, as he knew that if he was killed, then no more suffering would have to be made. Madness healed Swift as Darkness left the portal, and a fight insued, which had Darkness possessing Emerald, and Madness possessing Swift. The two fought, and then Swift gained control, went back in time, and performed Chaos Control, having the fight never happen. Swift also got rid of Madness, and can now use his powers up to his fullest, but Madness still lurks within Swift's heart and Soul, seizing any chance to go and perform chaos, anarchy, and possess Swift for a short amount of time. Swift is fine now, always having adventures any chance he can.

Swift now has the power of the Black Blood, an element only known to the Soul Eater universe until now, which Swift got thanks to fighting Crona and Ragnorak. This also allows him to generate scythe blades out his body, but in order to do so, he must be unconsious and under the influence of the Black Blood. This also is a danger to his health. But no matter what, Swift always comes out fine.


Swift with his sunglasses on.


Swift has Mind powers, Telekinesis, Chaos Powers, and Soul Powers, and all the powers of the Black Blood. He also has the powers of Sonic, Shadow, and Silver.

Special Abilities

Swift has the special ability of Chaos Control, Super Speed, spindashing, and floating in mid-air.


Swift has learned many skills, such as Soul Search, espionage, kung-fu (which he doesn't use much), and mixed Martial Arts.


Swift only has a small handful of weaknesses. He can be beaten down, but this is rare as he is an Ultimate Lifeform and God. His energy can be taken away also.

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