Again another joke character for those out there who think their can't be male joke characters.(~Kasari)


Swift is very fast,strong,has every kinetic,and can fly which is the reason his parents(Who are royalty) put him in the streets,the same demon that killed Pinky's parents in her kingdom came to Swift's kingdom and killed his parents!However,the demon took some pity on Swift and raised him as his own son.The demon taught him everything he knew and sent him out into the world.There he met his girlfriend Mary Pinky.He never told Pinky he was raised by a demon,but he told her he wanted to fight evil.She wanted to fight evil too!He later found out that since his parents died he would be King of his Kingdom and since he was dating Mary Pinky,Pinky made him God and Lord of Mobius!He and Pinky went on adventures to fight off all evil on Mobius!


Like his girlfriend he is nice and kind and wants to be friends with everybody who isn't evil!He's also very calm and can never get angry and has none of the seven deadly sins!He's not even prideful of his work!He stays humble yet optimistic and likes beating up bad guys!


He is a black hedgehog with navy blue eyes,navy blue hair,and a navy blue jacket,he has light blue jean pants and red sneakers.


He has all the powers in the world!


He also has all the abilities in the world,too!


He's skilled with every weapon ever!


Everyone who's good!


Everyone who's bad!


Has none and never will!

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