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"Listen buddy. Anytime is comedy time for me!" -Swift the Armadillo


Swift is a green Armadillo with 2 black circles on his forehead. He has partly blue gloves and green eyes. His shoes are colored red and white. (Note: May be changed in the near future)


Swift is loyal around his friends and kind of a jerk around rivals/enemies/suspicious beings. He's somewhere in between "Brains before brawns" and "Punch first, ask questions later." When he's not brainstorming or battling, he's usually relaxing at his house. He can be a comedian at times, and there isn't a time when he isn't ready to crack a joke.


He wanted to be a Freedom Fighter since he was a mere child, and he looked up to powerful heroes like Sonic or Knuckles. He trained as hard as he could and became a great fighter. By then he had moved out of his small home and was looking for a place to test out all those years of training. He arrived at Casino Night zone and started smashing robots. He realized he was more powerful than he thought when he was when he destroyed almost all of the robots in sight. He ran off to go show the world how powerful he really was. He later mastered a few Chaos techniques for use in battle.


Super Strength, Spindash, Super speed, Chaos Control (With Chaos Emerald), Chaos Spear, Chaos Blast (With Chaos Emerald), and fire manipulation (He can only control fire in sight though and can't make his own).


Night vision

Increased Stealth

Ability to hide in shell to lessen damage


Vehicle proficiency

Above average intelligence (Not by much though)

Impressive Hand-to-hand combat skills


Most kinds of magic can't be blocked by his shell.



Super form

With all seven Chaos Emeralds, he becomes surrounded by yellow aura and his shell turns yellow.

He gains the power of flight and he can now shoot energy blasts. He also gets increased durability, strength, power, and speed.

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