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SwiftClan are a group of non-anthropomorphic cats that appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave and are technically part of the Alliance, despite their currently neutral status. They reside in a forest, and could be the equivalent of SkyClan from the popular Warriors book series, in that they were driven from their home, only to find a new one so that they could live in peace. They are currently the only remaining Clan, as well as the only group of animals part of the Alliance or are friends with them that aren't Mobians. They officially became part of the Alliance following Laker's Mission.


The members have varied greatly from story to story. Here are a few lists of the known allegiances.

Clawstar's Leadership(Ancient SwiftClan):

Info: The earliest incarnation of SwiftClan, originally led by a white tom named Swift-formerly known as Swift Wind. Its second leader was Clawstar. Several warriors were former Ancient Cats/Early Settlers

  • Leader: Clawstar-Large, battle-scarred brown tom with amber eyes and a missing right ear(formerly known as both Sharp Claw and Claw)
  • Deputy: Tornear-Ginger and white tabby tom with green eyes and missing half of his right ear(original apprentice name: Adderpaw)
  • Medicine Cat: Fallensnow-White she-cat(formerly known as Fallen Snow)
  • Warriors:
    • Foxleap-Ginger tabby tom with dark brown legs(formerly known as Fox Leap)
    • Hollowbreeze-Long-furred ginger and white tom with green eyes
    • Mudstripe-Dark brown tabby tom
    • Poppyblaze-Tortoisehsell she-cat
    • Mintclaw-Dark gray tom
    • Cherryfur-Ginger she-cat
    • Leafheart-Dark brown tabby she-cat
    • Brackentail-Golden tabby tom

Muddy's Leadership(Lone Cats):

Info: The Lone Cats are a group of loners formed by former SwiftClan warrior Mudstripe, who chose to go by the name Muddy. They function very similarly to a Clan, but have no medicine cat, and the rank names are different.

  • Leader: Muddy-Dark brown tabby tom(formerly known as Mudstripe)
  • Follower(Deputy): Shark-Gray tabby tom with black stripes
  • Defenders(Warriors):
    • Dust Devil-Dark brown tabby tom with paler legs
    • Deep Ridge-Dark brown tabby tom with a paler stripe running down his back
    • Rusty-Ginger tabby tom
    • Mint-Dark gray tom(formerly known as Mintclaw)
    • Poppy-Tortoiseshell she-cat(formerly known as Poppyblaze)
    • Blaze-Ginger and white tabby tom
    • Kari-White she-cat
    • Jay-Dark brown tabby tom
    • Moon-White she-cat
    • Cherry-Ginger she-cat(formerly known as Cherryfur)
  • Trainees(Apprentices):
    • Crow-Black tom
    • Hawk-Reddish brown tabby
    • Falcon-Brown tabby tom
    • Eagle-Gray tabby tom
  • Queens:
    • Mya-Black she-cat; mother to Blaze's kits
    • Ripple-Long-furred silver she-cat; mother to Shark's kits
    • Fern-Gray she-cat; mother to Muddy's kits
  • Kits:
    • Speedy-Short-furred black tom with ice-blue eyes; Blaze and Mya's son
    • Storm(cat)-Long-furred black tom with green eyes; Blaze and Mya's son
    • Fuzzy-Long-furred black tom with amber eyes; Blaze and Mya's son
    • Violet-Ginger and white tabby she-cat; Blaze and Mya's daughter
    • Leaf-Brown and white she-cat; Muddy and Fern's daughter
    • Stone-Gray tom; Shark and Ripple's son
    • Puddle-Silver tabby she-cat; Shark and Ripple's daughter

Swiftstar's Leadership:

  • Leader: Swiftstar-Short-furred black tom with ice-blue eyes(formerly known as Speedy)
  • Deputy: Jaypelt-Dark brown tabby tom(formerly known as Jay)
  • Medicine Cat: Flarepelt-Ginger tabby tom(formerly known as Flare)
    • Apprentice: Echopaw-Silver she-cat(formerly known as Echo)
  • Warriors:
    • Stoneclaw-Gray tom(formerly known as Stone)
    • Stormshadow-Long-furred black tom with amber eyes(formerly known as Storm)
    • Fuzzytail-Long-furred black tom with green eyes(formerly known as Fuzzy
    • Reedfur-Pale gray tabby tom with thick dark gray stripes, pale blue eyes, a long mostly dark gray tail
    • Hopclaw-Ginger tabby tom
    • Furlclaw-Golden tabby tom
      • Apprentice: Fishpaw-Silver tabby tom
    • Molefur-Brown tom
    • Pouncefoot-Black tom with thick fur
    • Jumpwhisker-Gray tabby tom
      • Apprentice: Fennelpaw-Gray tom
    • Mossytail-Tortoiseshell she-cat with white tail-tip
    • Raintail-Brown and white tom with white tail
    • Splashtail-Ginger tabby tom with white tail
    • Ripplereed-Brown tom
    • Quicktail-Ginger tabby tom
    • Swiftclaw-White tom
    • Stormpelt-Gray tabby tom(formerly a kittypet named Tim)
    • Snowtail-White she-cat(formerly a kittypet named Kim)
    • Violetwhisker-Ginger and white tabby she-cat(formerly known as Violet)
  • Queens:
    • Mossheart-Tortoiseshell she-cat; mother of Jaypelt's kits(Sparrowkit-Dark brown tabby tom; Foxkit-Ginger tabby tom)

Sparrowstar's Leadership(Laker's Mission):


  • Leader: Sparrowstar-Dark brown tabby tom
  • Deputy: Splashfoot-Tortoiseshell tom with a white right forepaw
  • Medicine Cat: Yarrowfur-Yellow tabby tom
    • Apprentice: Nightsedge-Black she-cat
  • Warriors:
    • Thunderfang-Brown and white tabby tom with a missing right eye and a long scar on that side of his face. His remaining eye is yellow
    • Stormsedge-Dark gray tom
    • Sedgeleaf-Ginger tabby she-cat
    • Rainleaf-Brown and white tom
    • Gorsefur-Ginger and white tabby tom
    • Sticktail-Dark brown tom with a long tail
    • Copperfur-Ginger tabby tom
    • Brackenheart-Golden tabby tom
    • Cinderspirit-Gray she-cat
    • Sunnyfoot-Ginger tabby tom with white paws
    • Mossyfur-Tortoiseshell she-cat
  • Apprentices:
    • Shadowpaw-Black tom
    • Shrewpaw-Brown tom
    • Twistpaw-Brown tabby tom with a white-striped face

Sedgestar's Leadership(Dakota's Search):


  • Leader: Sedgestar-Ginger tabby she-cat
  • Deputy: Sunnyfoot-Ginger tom with white paws
  • Medicine Cat: Nightsedge-Black she-cat
    • Apprentice: Rushpaw-Brown tom
  • Warriors:
    • Stonefoot-Brown tom with gray legs and paws
    • Thunderfang-Dark brown and white tabby tom with a missing right eye and a long scar on the right side of his face. His remaining eye is yellow
    • Redwhisker-Dark ginger tabby tom
    • Dragonheart-Ginger tabby tom
    • Shellheart-She-cat with unknown description
    • Hedgehogfur-Pale brown tom with spiky fur
    • Stormheart-Gray tabby tom
    • Bravestorm-Ginger tabby tom
    • Blackthorn-Black tom
    • Mossyfur-Tortoiseshell she-cat
    • Smithstorm-Brown tom with black patches
    • Thistleheart-Yellow tabby tom with a white flash on his chest
  • Queens:
    • Squirrelfur-Dark ginger she-cat; mother to Redwhisker's kits(Rosekit-ginger she-cat; Briarkit-dark brown tabby she-cat)


Like in the book series Warriors, SwiftClan adhere strongly to their "Warrior Code".


Like in the book series Warriors, SwiftClan strongly believe in "StarClan". They don't hold much belief in the Spirits in the Stars, but it's been shown in The War of Time(story) that StarClan and the Spirits are at the very least similar, or can interact with each other, since a Spirit and a StarClan cat are seen interacting together in the Prologue.


SwiftClan live in an unknown forest. They were forced to leave when their home was burned down, but as shown in Dakota's Search, they have since moved back in, and are doing well.


Laker's Mission: SwiftClan officially became part of the Fox the Brave universe when Laker, Splash the Greninja's Albino Greninja son, went to help them through an epidemic. An unknown time afterward, Sparrowstar accepted Fox's offer to join the Storming Alliance, thus becoming an official Alliance group, though they don't really involve themselves much.

Dakota's Search: SwiftClan appear very late into the story. Dakota and Shell take Firekit to SwiftClan, and Sedgestar allows him to join. Ultimately, Dakota-traumatized by Finitevus' attempt on his life and his father's self-imposed exile-chooses to stay as well.

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