Sweet Temptation is an unusual elementless attack, with the capability to create infatuation in the target, should the user fit their sexual preferences.


As per most infatuation-causing attacks, the user dances around 'seductively', attracting attention from their chosen target. This can also be added to with psychic or illusionary powers to create the impression of a body much more physically attractive than normal, or the target's idea of a perfect partner. This serves as a lure, bringing the target towards the user in the infatuated state, leaving them defenseless as the target struggles against the illusion or idea of harming an attractive being. However, as soon as the target enters the user's reach, the user launches a sudden, sharp punch into their target, throwing them back.

Through this technique's use, there is a one-in-ten chance that the target will remain infatuated with the user, severely lowering the chance of them launching a successful attack against the user.

However, the primary downside of this technique is the single target, leaving this attack only truly useable in single combat or small groups, as per most infatuation techniques.



Parent Technique

Technique Rank

Due to this technique's use and potential power, it bears a C-rank.

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