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You may be looking for the Light Mobius counterpart, Hikaru Youko, or the post-Genesis Wave counterpart, Akira Uhura.

Suzuna Tenshi is a female kitsune born in the future of Dark Mobius. She is the daughter of Tobin and Nakiana Tenshi, who are currently missing, and the older sister of Audrid Tenshi.


Like her counterpart, Suzuna is a silver-furred kitsune with twin fluffy tails which have white tips. However, she has icy-blue eyes in contrast to Hikaru's light green eye color and long, blue-tipped black hair that is somehow neat and messy at the same time.

Unlike Hikaru's own wardrobe, Suzuna is always seen wearing a black hoodie with gold trim, a lilac tank-top, dark-gray jeans with a black belt, and black boots with a white stripe going down the middle.

Her own necklace has a ruby pendant in place of a sapphire pendant. She even has golden earring studs - two studs in one ear and one stud in the other ear - whereas her counterpart doesn't even have piercings.


Suzuna is clearly much different from her Light Mobius counterpart in certain ways. For one thing, she is kind-natured and social where Hikaru is brooding and antisocial.

The only things the two have in common is a seriousness in any given situation, which may seem very comical, and being suspicious of people they don't know. Suzuna is very distrustful of people who she suspects have commited acts of evil, willingly or not.

She is protective of her sister, wanting to make sure she stays safe as much as possible. She has a love of nature, but she doesn't like certain weather patterns.


Suzuna was born on Dark Mobius sometime after Jani-Ca restored the Cores of the world's inhabitants. When she was eight, however, her parents, Tobin and Nakiana, disappeared, which left her alone to care for her sister Audrid, who had been only four years old at the time.

At the age of sixteen, Suzuna started assisting Jani-Ca with the protection of Dark Mobius, taking breaks a few times to check on her sister. Through it all, she was distrustful of Jani-Ca's father, Knuckles, who happened to be the former Enerjak.


Events of Next Generation

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Canon Characters

  • Knuckles the Echidna - Even though she wasn't even around during that time, Suzuna doesn't trust the former Enerjak.
  • Remington - Suzuna is curious about Remington's past, as she knows absolutely nothing about his history.

Fanon Characters

  • Octavia-Ca Dax - When it comes to Octavia-Ca, Suzuna sometimes wishes things could have been different.


Suzuna's telekinetic powers are essentially the same as her counterpart's, but hallucikinesis is replaced with cryokinesis.


Suzuna's abilities are much like her counterpart's, with at least one addition; mechanical engineering.


Suzuna's skills are like her counterpart's skills, except she's fluent in Mandarin Chinese (or the Mobian variant).


Suzuna's weaknesses are the same as her counterpart's, with the addition of a weak constitution, meaning she gets sick easily.


  • Suzuna's ideal voice actress would be Jenna Coleman, the same actress who played Clara Oswald in the TV show, Doctor Who.


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