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Suzannia is a golden but spotted animal from the feline category. She has short golden hair with emerald green eyes (However, the eyes change to blue in winter). She wears a loose, thin black jacket with a red tank top underneath. She often is seen wearing light grey pants with a strange black cloth (Often with a strange design on it, depending on the day), and an orange belt. Not to mention, she wears black and white shoes that have a strap, leading towards the top of the shoe with two bandages forming an X. the bottom part of the shoes have a golden-yellow look to them (Silver in the first designs). She switches gloves from either similar to sonic's, or just simple, white rubber gloves with a string wrapped around the wrists.

First design: Instead of her hair being short, it used to be long and in a ponytail while she wore a long orange dress and puffy gloves. Her first eye color was actually red in the first designs as well.

Suzannia the Cheetah.


Suzannia, or Susan for short, comes off as a blunt and cold character at first, but when she gets to know someone, she tends to be more caring, generous, and even playful. She can be a bit clumsy at times, often getting her embarrassed. These days, she tends to be a little sassy from time to time, letting a few comments slip here and there. She'll try to look cool very often, mostly failing at doing so.

She has a lot of pride from her family, and often refuses to be defeated. To go along with that, she tends to have a very short temper and can be stubborn when she can't achieve her goals, not to mention she gets angered easily. Other than that, she will be a loyal and great ally to have.

In her younger years, she was often shy and sweeter to other people. However, this caused people to manipulate her for her kindness and generosity. The day she realized this, was the day she started to not trust everyone she meets, which can be a good and bad thing. However, she very rarely trusts what people say the first time she meets them.

The Story

She was born in the Sol dimension. However, when she was about 2 years of age, she was sent with her family to Sonic's dimension. Her parents were extremely protective (if she remembers correctly) and often took her to different places every single time a bit of chaos happened in the area they were in. One day, as she fell asleep then woke up the next day, her family was nowhere to be seen. That's when she started looking everywhere for them. By the end of the day, she had still not found them. She went to her friend Meritz the Lion for help. That's when Meritz helped her by letting her stay with his family until things could get sorted out, or until they could find her parents. Eventually, [Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Eggman)], had kidnapped Meritz's family and turned them into part of his army of robots. That was when Meritz and Susan had went after Eggman to save Meritz's parents. Along the way, they have bumped into characters such as [Amy Rose] and [Knuckles The Echidna].

After they finally encountered Eggman and were ready to attack him, a strange blue hedgehog named [[Sonic]] appeared. As the battle went on, Susan had delivered the final blow to Eggman's strange machine that he used to attack the three. Eggman had gotten away before Susan and Meritz could get him to tell about the Lion's parents' whereabouts. At first, Sonic started to argue at Susan for a good 5 minutes before Sonic mentioned that he had to go, and ran off in a flash. That was when Susan chased after him with a great amount of speed, like his. Meritz, however had to catch a ride on one of Eggman's robots to catch up with the two.

Susan eventually lost where Sonic had went, and gave up. That's when Meritz finally appeared next to her and destroyed the robot in the process, revealing an animal was the one controlling the robot. Meritz had gotten Susan up and ready once more to find Eggman, but not before a break or two now and then.

They've went through many places before they found Eggman once more. Susan threatened Eggman to tell them where Meritz's parents were. He refused, then attacked them again. Susan and Meritz eventually defeated him. Eggman then revealed how he turned his parents into robots. That's when the villain had disappeared once more to who knows where.

As they were going around from place to place again, they had bumped into a familiar hedgehog. In which, Susan started to bicker already with him. Meritz calmed her down, and through some explaining and confusion, Sonic and the two felines had agreed to get along. Not long after, Amy Rose had found Sonic and chased after him. Amy actually greeted the two before chasing him.

As Susan and Meritz finally searched and searched for Eggman one last time (Or so they thought), they found Sonic to be there...Again, but with a strange golden coated fox named Tails. Eggman had another strange machine, as usual, and attacked them one more. Eventually, while all four fought him, Sonic and Susan kept having trouble working together and ended up messing each other's attacks on the strange villain. While Sonic and Susan bickered and bickered, Eggman got away while they were distracted. That was then where Susan started recklessly attacking Sonic, in which, the hedgehog tried to defend himself and starting attacking right back. Tails and Meritz eventually stopped the two from destroying each other. Susan left without a single word to the

They went through a lot before Meritz and Susan got separated by accidently going through different paths. Meritz was the one to find Eggman. However, instead of attacking the lion, he offered Meritz many things just to fight against his side. Meritz became a fool, and accepted it. Eggman put him in a robot over time. Along with, the revealed, robots of Meritz and Susan's parents.

When Susan reached up to Eggman after some twists and turns, the villain had forced Meritz to attack her along with...In which, he did. She couldn't bear the will to attack Meritz, so she was beaten up. Before Meritz could attack again, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and even Amy appeared. They helped out and defeated the foolish lion, along with Eggman. Sonic helped Susan up and made a promise with her to actually get along this time, and never attack each other. It's strange how Susan would do such a thing, judging by how they fought, but she felt better. Now, as for Meritz, he apologized to Susan, saying things as "under the influence" and such. Susan eventually forgave him after it got annoying. Somehow, they've gotten Eggman to give them the felines' parents back. However, it's a mystery as to what happened to make Eggman do such a thing.

To this day, she and Meritz actually help out Sonic and his friends whenever they actually need assistance. For now, they've kept their parents safe, and are usually defending the people around them.


  • Of course, being a cheetah, she was born with supersonic speed. Her speeds can even match Sonic's.
  • She has a high jumping power. By using her tail to push her up, she is able to jump the height of an average house.
  • She eventually gotten a few electrical powers while passing a bit of waste left by Eggman and his robots (Long range shocking attacks, electrical speed boosts, and being able to absorb and release electric around her). A power that's helped her along the way to Eggman and getting their parents back.

Special Abilities

  • She can see very well in the dark. It helps when she goes into pitch black caves. But sometimes, her vision can take things a bit too far.
  • She has good fighting instinct, which helps her in a fight. However, she can't go to the point of hurting someone close to her. She never can have the will to do such a thing.


She seems to be very reckless at times. Often when it comes to hasty planning or speed battles.

Her clumsiness can cause many problems with the battles she gets herself into, and the places she gets herself stuck in. However, if she focuses hard enough, she's able to get things done.  

She tends to let her emotions take control of her ideas half of the time. Often letting those ideas fail (Unless a miracle happens, to which it'll work).


Meritz the lion:

Meritz is Susan's childhood friend. He is actually the only friend she has ever truly had that hasn't manipulated her. They often get along well and can basically read each other's minds in situations. They rarely fight, and when they do, it's usually about where they're going. Susan actually trusts him more than anyone else. One day, as Susan and Meritz were looking for their parents, Meritz had been separated by her and bumped into Eggman himself. Eggman had made his foolish mind fall for his fake offers. That was when he was put into a machine and made to attack Susan. The female cheetah had no will to attack him, so she let herself get beat up. However, Sonic the hedgehog and his friends stopped Meritz and Eggman from any more harm. Meritz deeply apologized to Susan multiple times, eventually making her forgive Meritz.

It's occasionally shown strange moments such as a bit of blushing when Susan calls out to Meritz, or playfully punches him on the shoulder. However, it's not proven whether Meritz has any true feelings towards Susan.

Sonic the hedgehog:

Sonic and Susan had not been kind to each other at the start. He first appeared to them when they were confronting Eggman. They used to bicker and argue a lot at first, but when certain events happen, she and Sonic try to work together. These days, she tends to tolerate him a lot. He tolerates her as well. However, she usually likes to playfully bicker and brag how she's faster than him, usually making the two end up racing in a contest of speed.

Amy Rose:

She bumped into her along the way of finding Meritz's parents. Amy, as usual, was looking for Sonic. Through some confusion, Amy had thought for a moment that Susan actually liked Sonic. When things settled down, Amy apologized and became friendly towards the cheetah again. These days, they talk often, but not without every conversation ending with Amy leaving to go see Sonic.

Knuckles the Echidna:

By accident, Knuckles and Susan bumped into each other. Knuckles wasn't exactly in the nicest of moods, so he ended up yelling a bit at her. Eventually, Susan 'apologized' to Knuckles and they ended up being fine afterwards...However, they still get on each other's nerves.

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