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Sutamin the Jomon (pronounced su.ta.mῑn) is a recurring character in the 2014 game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics . He is a 15.500 year old robot built by Dave the Echidna, an astronaut who formed the "Children of the Stars", as part of the Jomon clan in the Nexus, the world that connects worlds. A friend of Sonic, he joins the heroes' quest in search of his lost face.

Sutamin the Jomon
First appearance
English Voice Actor
Scott Adsit
approximately 15.500
Varsimoe, Nexus
Dave the Echidna, Children of the Stars
Statue (by Sonic)
260 cm
Sonic and his friends, hard work, Music, Birds
Paragogue, War and destruction, being faceless
Skills/ Abilities
Building cities, Helping out
Moves/ Techniques
Superhuman strength, Razor sharp katana
N/A (referred to as male)

Background Information

Sutamin was created approximately 15.500 years ago in the Nexus, the world that connects worlds, in the City of Varsimoe by the Dave the Echidna himself. Dave was the leader of the Children of the Stars. The Children of the Stars were Echidna star travelers that colonized the Nexus and gave them civilization. Among their various accomplishments there, the Children of the Stars built the Jomon, an army of peaceful robots that served as a gift to the Nexus peoples and would serve to build their cities and help them in their needs. The Jomon were the very first form of artificial intelligence ever made, thanks to the Albion Technology and the prototype of the Gizoids. 

Years passed until one day, the Children of the Stars inexplicably stopped visiting the Nexus peoples. From that point onward, many changed occurred to the history of the Nexus, which eventually led to their disregard by the Nexus peoples, the collapse of the Jomon empire and their subjugation by Paragogue's army. Paragogue, having understood their useful abilities, used them to dig for precious metals in the mines, until Sonic and his friends came and liberated them. From that point onwards, Sutamin joins Sonic and his friends to find his face, which he has lost at some point before the events of the game for reasons that are never made clear in the story's game.

Appearance in Games

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics

Sutamin's first and currently only appearance is in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics. Sutamin's role in the game is that of a deuteragonist. He first appears in Chapter 2: A Hedgehog Named Zonic. Sonic, Tails and Zonic get lost in the forest area of Varsimoe, which has ancient gears, gadgets and robot remnants scattered around. Among them, they find Sutamin sitting with the same pose as in the above artwork. At first, they mistake him for just another statue until they encounter him again a while later. His peculiarly vivid expression causes Sonic to take a closer look at him until Sutamin blinks and stands on his feet. Sutamin introduces himself and offers to help Sonic and his friends find their way in the outskirts of his city.

Sutamin takes them to his city's shrine to ask for their help to rid off the conquering forces from his city and liberate the Jomon clan. After succeeding in doing so, Sutamin joins the team and help them find the Legend of the Golden Epics while also searching for his lost face. They travel together to the City in the Sky to confront Lord Sidewinder and to Xazaria to get the 2 Chaos Emeralds. After battling Eggman in the City in the Sky, the heroes travel to Planet Wisp, Black Nova and the City in the Sea, facing against Kid Cruel in the process. There, they find Captain Whisker and travel to Asmodian to encounter Paragogue, the game's main villain. 

Having gathered yet another Chaos Emerald, Sutamin travels with the rest of the heroes to the Beginning. There, Sutamin gathers decisive information about his powers and his clan. In the Beginning they stumble upon a massive underground base owned by Adrasteia, Paragogue's superior. The base reveals itself to be a gigantic spacecraft that lunches itself into space. To prepare for battle, the heroes rush to Veteran City and battle against more of Adrasteia's minions. Later, they head to the Astral Colony, where they are informed about the Ark of the Stars. They divide into 3 groups and head back to all the places they've visited to gather allies for the final battle. Sutamin travels together with Captain Whisker, Charmy, Silver, Cream, Blaze and Mighty to Mavragonia and Varsimoe. 

In Chapter 8: Ark of the Stars, Sutamin utilizes his powers to his greatest potential. He harvests the power of all 7 Chaos Emeralds to teleport the vessel of the Children of the Stars from Earth to the Nexus. On their way to the cockpit, Sutamin, together with Sonic, Shadow, Big, Tails and Captain Whisker encounter a replica of Sutamin's face. Sutamin, believing it to be real grabs it and places it on his missing face, resulting in the transformation of a mindless robot that attacks Sonic and co. After Sonic and his friends take off the fake face from Sutamin, Sutamin acknowledges the fact that the guardian of the cockpit was inf act Sutamin himself, designed by the Children of the Stars to black the entry of intruders into the control room.

Sutamin is not absent from the final confontation against Adrasteia. His presence proves to be very valuable in infiltrating the Ora Terminalis, Adrasteia's mothership, by camouflaging the heroes into the vessel of the Children of the Stars, making Adrasteia mistake it for a comet. In the last two chapters of the game, Sutamin, together with everybody else, head to the Place Where Planets Are Born. He solves the puzzle at the Gate of the Ancients to open it. After Sonic races against the Final Boss in Starlight Shimmer, they enter an ancient forest where they find the Legend of the Golden Epics. Sutamin also finds his actual face there, thus ending his mission. Sutamin's last appearance is at The Beginning, where he bids farewell to Sonic and his friends for all he did for him and his clan. As the heroes prepare to leave in the spaceships, Sutamin tells Sonic that he hopes to see him again some day and perhaps his ancestors, when they come to visit the Nexus, just as the Children of the Stars did 13.500 years ago.

Physical Description

Sutamin's design is based off the Jomon clay figurines found in Jomon period Japan in 12.000 BC. Sutamin is an ancient robot made of some kind of bronze coloured metal found only in the Nexus. As described above, his race was designed as being the prototype of the Gizoids. His armour was created by Albion technology, as was all the other Jomon robots, the most powerful and advanced technology made by the Echidna tribe at the time. Nevertheless, due to the passage of time, Sutamin's armour has been rusted at some points visible and his ability to move has been limited to the point where his mobility is choppy, sluggish and makes disjointed sounds. Sutamin is the tallest character in the game; he is 265 cm. Since Sutamin has lost his face and is not seen until the ending of the game, behind his original face he has 2 crude eyes, a nose, two conjoined eyebrows and a mouth. His face is roughly rhomboid in shape and has a strange bird-like device on his head that sometimes whistles at unexpected moments. His body is long and thin. His limbs are long and slender, but bulky at the ends. He has fingers but not toes. Like Omega, he can reconfigure his arms to a different weapon.

Character Description

Sutamin's character reflects the reason for which he and his clan were created. The Jomon's creation was part of the Children of the Stars' colonization program in the Nexus. They would help the people of the Nexus build their cities and help them in their everyday needs. They lived peacefully together with them and showed deep devotion to their work, particularly Sutamin. For example, he joined Sonic and his friends to find the Chaos Emeralds that had been scattered throughout the Nexus and find the Legend of the Golden Epics. He is also compassionate and always eager to the help his friends. He has a rebellious attitude at times and has a sense of justice and freedom; particularly when he decides to take action and liberate the subjugated Jomon race from Paragogue's oppressors. Sutamin is also loyal to everyone he agrees to help or to anyone who has helped him. He doesn't seem to show any signs of hatred, revenge or retribution to anyone, not even towards Paragogue, the game's main villain. His tone is always calm and relaxed. Sutamin claims that he is a pacifist as the purpose of his creation was to help others, even though he does not exactly follow what he says, since he carries weaponry and fights, when needed. Sutamin likes music very much, although he claims he hasn't listened to any in 5.000 years. He also seems to have a strange obsession with birds to the point where he says, during gameplay, that he once had a giant bird collection in his house.

Skills and Abilities

Sutamin's job, as were all Jomon robots', was to help the peoples of the Nexus build their cities, infrastructure etc during the colonization by the Echidna tribe, the so-called "Children of the Stars". Over the years, when the Jomon were conquered by Paragogue's army, they were forced to work in the mines due to their abilities but also their knowledge on the earth there.

Although not designed for combat, Sutamin wields a razor sharp katana, which he uses for most of his attacks during gameplay. The katana does not appear in any cutscene. In addition, his arm can be reconfigured into a weapon, namely a blaster, a knife and a hammer, even though they are not of much use. Sutamin's bird like device on top of his head can sometimes work as a decoy by whistling against Sutamin's will. Other abilities are his superhuman strength, thanks to his armour designed from Albion technology and the ability to stand perfectly still. This allows him to camouflage himself as a statue right in front of the enemy.

Sutamin's most remarkable skill is his ability to control the starship of the Children of the Stars, by harnessing the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Dave, the one who constructed Sutamin, entrusted him with the power to control and protect the starship once the Echidnas had passed away. He does so in Chapter 8: Ark of the Stars. He is also able to pilot it.

This character's fourstat code is 6153


Due to his extremely old age, Sutamin has received damage over time. His armour is rusty and his walking ability impaired. This has affected his ability to work in the mines and to fight effectively. Due to his tall stature in conjunction with his metallic armour, Sutamin is very heavy. This, in combination with his rustiness gives the impression that Sutamin is an old person. Strangely, however, none of this applies in the gameplay, as Sutamin is both fast and agile, plus a very experienced fighter. Sutamin is a workaholic, which probably has attributed to his impaired condition.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sutamin forms a very strong bond with Sonic from very early in the game. He remains by his side at all times, after he liberates his people from Paragogue. The only time Sutamin disobeys Sonic is when he believes to have found his face and instantly grabs it, while actually being a counterfeit. Sonic and his friends rescue him after he transforms into a mindless sentinel. In the end of the story, Sutamin hugs Sonic and Tails to bid them farewell and hopes to see them once again in the future.

Zonic the Zone Cop

Sutamin's indifferent behaviour towards Zonic may be a hint that Sutamin actually suspects Zonic of hiding his actual identity. Anyhow, he treats him as a member of the team. In the end of the game, when Zonic dies, Sutamin together with the rest of the heroes helps in making a small raft to place Zonic's body on it and leave it float in the lake as a custom of the people of the Nexus.

Voice Acting

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics ~ Scott Adsit 

Theme Song


Two steps from hell- Casablanca-1

Cassablanca by Two Steps from Hell

Sutamin's theme song is Cassablanca by Two Steps from Hell. This plays in the background of some cutscenes in the game, especially at the ones where Sutamin appears in. Most notably, it plays at the cutscene of Chapter 2 where Sutamin takes the heroes to his city and in Chapter 8 where Sutamin summons the vessel of the Children of the Stars to the Nexus by utilizing his powers to their fullest potential.