"Join me....We can become one and become complete!!" ~Susano, to Ammy and Loki.

Susano the Hyena
5' 2"
102 llb.
Tropokinesis, levitation, absorbation

Susano the Hyena is the main villain of the Storm Arc in the Loki Chronicles. He eventually becomes something of a neutral character in the Vile Arc.


Early History

Susano, Ammy, and Loki were all originally part of a single being - Khaos. Khaos was an immensly powerful being whom was something of a guardian of Mobius. Eventually, someone tried to take control of Khaos. He almost suceeded, but not before Khaos split itself into three beings - Susano the Hyena, Loki the Coyote, and Ammy the Wolf. To prevent Khaos from returning, Loki's memories were rendered dormant, and he was sent to another world. Ammy was given the inability to befriend and to have speech problems, she was also trapped in a constallation. Susano was given no purpose for living, and was sent to be trapped under the sea. Everything they lack and fair sums of power were imprisioned in stone, known as the Malefic Gem's.

Current era

One day, a Malefic Gem was found by Mitos the Fox. At the same moment, another was found by some random person. This caused a chain reaction, making Susano wake. He climbed out of his prision, into the overworld of Mobius. At this instance, he saw the random guys gem, and took it from him. He finally found a purpose, become whole again. With newfound powers, he conjured Lei the Ventus out of wind and rain. With one at his side, he would collect the gems, knowing that it would attract the other beings of Khaos.

He created more beings, much less powerful and perfect than Lei, though they would serve him netherless. He then created the Dark Storm as a base of operation and a way to destroy those who stand in his way. Susano then enlisted Lei, Corl, and Stan to find the others and the gems.


Eventually, he does obtain two other gems. Despite only having three at the time as well, Loki and Mitos climb Mout Pi. They enter the Dark Storm. They find Susano and Ammy there, also. Susano then explains their past. After this, he asks for their coporation in becoming Khaos. They agree, and all three present their gems. They stand in a circle, with the gems surrounding them. Susano, however, wanted more power, and thus began to absorb slight amounts of power of each of them. Loki realizes this, and holds back. The gems cause he and Susano to transform into Malefic forms. Susano absorbs Ammy, and nearly destroys Loki. He begins to absorb him, when Loki fights back, using everything he has, and beats him. Ammy returns, and Susano is imprisioned in a false Malefic Gem. Peace is restored.


  • Tropokinesis - Susano has power over all forms of weather, including sandstorms and meteor showers.
  • Absorbation - He can absorb people and obtain their powers.
  • Levitation - Susano can fly.


  • Susano's real name is Susanowo. His real name is shared with a Japanese kami-god of storms and the sea, which is fitting do to his abilities.
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