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THIS IS AN ASK TO JOIN ROLEPLAY. IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, PLEASE ASK FIRST. (Preferably via my message wall, so I can see your request, but comments are okay too)

EDIT: Due to the overall lack of activity on this wiki, the number of available slots has shrunk. In addition, there will be one less team, and less sections for each team to go through overall. That is, if this thing doesn't flop....

P.S. Also, if this thing flops, let's just pretend it never existed...

Six different players from different dimensions (mostly- Eggman Nega isn't exactly picky) are forcibly brought through inter-dimensional means to one of his facilities, which had previously been converted into eight competitive sections. The players will be separated into two teams of three players each at random (in other words, you are free to say which team you want your character to be in). Each team will go through four out of eight sections, working together to make it through.

All who make it through to the end alive will walk free- assuming Eggman Nega even keeps his word. Will the selected players be able to make it to the end in one piece and regain their freedom? Or will they die here, never to see the light of day again?

Characters (OCs are welcome!)~ Seven character limit (including canon characters)!

Please read the rules before asking to join!

Contenders ~ Six Character Limit

  • Metal Sonic (played by Eliza Reed)
  • Sonic [available]
  • Silver (Played by PlushyPlays)

[OCs will be added here]

Villain ~ One Character Limit

  • Dr. Eggman Nega (available)


Please follow all rules. If you cannot follow the rules, and make three strikes during the roleplay, you will be removed from the roleplay.

  • No godmodding. And don't "just happen to have all seven Chaos Emeralds" with you. Or even one. Chaos Emeralds are banned from this roleplay.
  • No auto-hitting. So when attacking another character, you should type something like this: Person A attempted to strike Person B with their sword.
  • No script-based actions. Please describe your character(s)'s actions in narrative format. For example: Person A looked up at Person B, panting heavily from the frankly exhausting battle just now.
  • Have your character occasionally take some damage- it's not fair to the other players if you're the only one not getting hit.
  • Respect the other editors. That means SLOW DOWN IF THEY ASK, and if a fellow roleplayer needs a break, please RESPECT that too, and INFORM other roleplayers of this too so we can pause the RP until the person is able to return.
  • Only up to two characters is allowed per person. This is to ensure that not all the characters are controlled by just two people. EDIT: Given the size and number of teams have been shrunk, this could change, but who knows at this point.
  • When asking to join, please state which character you want to use. If you are using an OC, please send me the link to your OC's page. If your OC does not have a page, then please give me a general description of their personality AND their abilities. If you refuse to do this, then I will not allow you to join the rp. No exceptions.
  • Ships are also welcome, but only as long as both parties in question are in agreement with it- that is, as long as both roleplayers (assuming there's more than one controlling the characters) agree to it. If one of the roleplayers refuses, then don't make a huge fuss over it. Hints of a one-sided crush are okay, I suppose- just don't try to force things. If the other person says no, get over it. That's why fanfiction was invented.
  • Rules for Eggman Nega Character: Try not to deviate from the plot, and discuss the final outcome with ALL the roleplayers, so we can all be in agreement as to how the RP should end. In addition, please discuss your thoughts on how the competitive sections should be constructed with us.
  • Please wait until all available character slots are filled and plot details are discussed before editing anything, please (aside from adding your character(s) to the character slots IF you have been accepted).
  • And I think that's pretty much it! Have fun!