Surreal Circus Zone is the fourth stage in the game Sonic Advance X.


The first act of the stage takes place in the outside of the circus, a platform in the sky filled with fireworks, circus

Matte image of Surreal Circus Act 1

ropes, rainbows etc. The platform will eventually land on a deserted funfare. The second act of the stage takes place inside the tent of the circus. The stage is filled once again with fireworks, circus ropes and trampolines. The background of the stage appears to be the view from a kaleidoscope. There are alot of loops and illusions in the stage which makes it harder than most stages. In some parts of the stage the screen turns black and white. The player must sometimes use caroussels in order to continue. Near the end of the stage there is a giant ring of fire in which the player must pass through.
Carnival Night Zone by Rokkan Illidian

Second act of Surreal Circus.

The Tails Doll

The fourth boss. The famous and terifying Tails Doll created by Dr.Eggman. It shoots a red laiser from its orb above its head and tries to harm the player with its claws. It sometimes dissappears and reappears in diffrent parts making hard for the player to hit it. Sometimes, the Tails Doll will open its stomach to shoot pitch-black shadows to the player (possibly sealed souls). It also makes bizzare noises when preparing for an attack.


  • In the first act of the stage, the funfare is possibly deserted due to the Tails Doll.
  • The reason the game is rated 7+ is possibly due to the Tails Doll and the whole stage itself.
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