Suri the Echidna is a friend of Enna the Echidna and a member of Jacob's Legion.

Suri the Echidna

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsMike the Husky
Physical Description
  • Fur: Brown
  • Hair: Black & purple
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Purple dress
  • Black shawl tied around waist
  • Black sneakers
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Jacob's Legion
Weaponry & EquipmentPoison Elemental Hammer
  • Skilled w/ Poison & Fire manipulation
  • Studying the manipulation of Corrosion
  • Capable of manipulating the Attribute of Time
  • Skilled w/ hammer
  • Reasonable hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Possesses the Genetic Ability Peek
  • Some skill with river boats.
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212 & Dana-Joy


Suri is a gothic echidna, with caramel-brown fur topped with a black and purple asymmetrical bob-cut hairdo. Her purple eyes are nearly always half-closed, and her makeup, in the very least her mascara, is almost always thick. However, aside for that, she appears almost like any other Echidna around.


Suri wears a large, asymmetrical purple dress, almost reminiscent of a maid's costume. It has puffy sleeves edged in black lace, and a lace-up bodice, a black band around her waist. Over that, she wears a black, spider-web like shawl tied around her waist, and a pair of black sneakers.


Early Life

Suri grew up in a small community, aside her twin sister Harna, and their friends. At first, the group, with a four-year age range, were tightly-knit and relaxed, with nothing really setting the group back, or nudging them around. Over that time, however, one of the main girls, Enna, turned more gothic, which was reflected by the black flames she learned to control. Following her lead, Suri also turned into a goth, and started to learn to control fire, like her friend, but also poisons as well, on the side.

Joining Jacob's Legion

Suri and Enna were the core of their group, best friends, although both goths allowed others to make decisions for the group, not caring exactly what they did. However, Jacob, Enna's boyfriend, left for the Dark Legion after his sixteenth birthday. Almost a year later, word arrived from him, inviting Enna and the rest of their circle of friends out to join the new team he had created, known colloquially as Jacob's Legion. Almost immediately, Enna followed his trail, and created one of her own. One by one, over a matter of months, the entire circle of friends followed him until they all stood at his side. Suri was one of the later members of the group to head out, accompanied by her twin. Using her gondola, they left the village, and came around the back way via canals to what remained of Jacob's base, which had been blasted apart by a team lead by Knuckles the Echidna. However, one of the army members present guided the twins and their boat to Jacob's new base, in a nearby forest, where a pleasant reunion occurred between the girl, her best friend, and her boyfriend, who had headed out a month before.


Suri's is known for her ability to manipulate two different elements and an attribute, a feat not often matched by her allies. Her control over Poison and Fire is her primary combat style, but she has been known to use Corrosion abilities in close-combat as well. Due to her genetic ability, she also has very slight Time-altering abilities, which she doesn't use very often, preferring to use Elemental powers or her close-combat skills instead.

Her main weapon is an oversize black and sickly green hammer, similar in a way to the famous Piko Piko Hammer, but with a skull and crossbones emblazoned on the side. When the hammer face impacts against something, it releases a cloud of toxic gases, which can create a field of poisonous gas which serves similar to a smokescreen. In addition to this, her physical combat skills are not to be laughed at either, with a wide array of combat techniques.

However, her combat prowess has a single, glaring weakness - Wind-based attacks can blow away the poisonous gases she excels in using, while soldiers who have trained in ranged weapons can take her out before she becomes a threat. Likewise, soldiers in Powered Armor have little to fear from her at range, although her Corrosion abilities are a major issue for them in close.

Outside of combat, she is knowledgeable on river boats, and in particular gondolas, and is known to be a skilled navigator through rough rivers, with an almost instinctive sense of direction on the water.

Poison Abilities

Corrosion Abilities

Fire Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Time Abilities


Suri is a rather strange girl, not at all as monotonous as her emo appearance would suggest. She believes one becomes strong by struggling and fighting for what they want, never giving up until they attained that goal. Indeed, she often expressed contradictory views on things like luck, refusing to accept 'good luck' in her belief that she controlled her own fate, but yet also believed that her life was marked unlucky, and the world was oriented against her. Her belief that the world was against her set her into an iron-willed level of defiance and inflexible determination to beat the odds, yet regularly fell back into a depressed state after failing to surpass her 'bad luck'. She is clever, but easily angered into acting without thinking clearly. Unlike Enna, she fails to see the point of harming others when there is nothing to gain from it, and rarely thinks her situation completely through, which almost always leads her into trouble. Recently, these traits have been criticized by her sister, and as such, she has tried to become less impulsive and more self-controlled in recent times.

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  • Thanks to Dana-Joy, Flashfire212's sister, for the design of Suri's appearance, and that of her hammer.
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