Superdeath is angry because he wears crocks all the time, but he likes alligators WAYYYY more. this makes him cry so he is sad and angry.


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Superdeath was only 8 when he discovered he could enter television. this included all forms of media: Vedio ames,  

twitter, myspace and 4chan. but before that he was was a fire prince and and oprphan and also not born yet. but when  

he did born he witnessed his father die and he wasnt born from his mom anymore he was borned form a space prince  

who lit himself on fire. It was when he turned 6 that he started to make electrantics go haywire. in order to stop all  

electronics from haywiring he wore crocks to stop the magnet flow. alligators were his favorite animal and wearing crocs  

made him sad every day. he commit suduku but knife flew away from him because him magnet powers. still crocks  

make him sad and he cry and cri all day but water neutralizes magnets and tears save electronics. then one day he  

walked into his tv by accident and went into the tv show, how to train your dragan. he med philip and toothful(dont want  

to be sewd)and rode around on his metal dragon he control with magnet power. he got bored and walk out of show and  

be surprised at his power to ebter show. he decided to abuse power and end master chef in call of voodoo green of &.  

but end up kiling past version of his mother. witch is why he never know his mother when born. bcus future self kill his  

mom in voodoo and break timeline with magnets. how do they work? when he was 13 he met his only girlfriend Anna  

Lea Tuched and he couldent not toucher her. he was in love and loe found him and was also in love with Anna l. Anna  

foced him to become a good guy and not break tv with magnets and never kill master chef again and save his mom in  

the past. making his orphan life never happen and him never happen because he never kill master chef and masterchef  

went back in time to kill his dad before met him mom. sooooo superdeath the headgehog superdied in the  

timedeathcontoinium and lives between worlds forever. 


Magnets, good at video games so killed mom, likes toothful(wont get sewes) and anti magnet tears, and walking into TV.


non code red mountain dew and non cool rancho doritos, .


Likes: Call of Duty, Doritos, Mountain

Dew (CODE RED ONLY), Piercings that are pierced, crocs, khakhi shorts, guns, morot bikes, vedio aems, Hot cheetos

dipped in BBQ, chili fries, big gulp


Dislikes: Master Chief, Energy Swords

(Melle is for pussys), Shoes, sneakers.

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