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Relatives:Turbo(base form and alter ego)

Species:Chaos Enhanced Four Clawed Hedgedragon/Chaos Energy Psychotic Demon-Like Entity

Alignment:Anti-Villian(he's evil but is only out for his own amusement)

Age:16(physical) Unspecified Time (Chronological)

Birthplace:Hidden Grotto Zone/Amulet Chamber

Physical Description

  • Ring Energy Powered Rocket Shoes
  • Lavender 5 pound training gloves
  • Skin Color:Blood Red
  • Fur:Crimson
  • Height:112 Centimeters
  • Master Level Chaos Manipulation
  • Master Level Umbrakinesis
  • Master Level Electrokinesis
  • High- Hypersonic speed Flight
  • Lightspeed Flight
  • Sword Skills
  • Invincibility
  • Can survive in any envirorment.
  • Pyrokinetic Abilities.

"I'm laughing because, YOU CAN'T SPELL SLAUGHTER WITHOUT LAUGHTER" Super Turbo's sadistic sense of Humor

"Don't Run. I just want to incinerate you!"


Unlike most super forms Super Turbo is homicidal super-maniac manifested from pure evil who enjoys killing and destruction. He formed when Turbo absorbed to much Chaos Energy and the darkness hidden in the Chaos Amulets. Whenever Turbo is exposed to Chaos energy that would normally be lethal, under extreme stress/anger or is in mortal danger (about to die ect.) the Chaos Energy in his body will spike and turn him Super. After a while, Turbo will regain control. It should be noted that despite being evil, Super Turbo is composed of BOTH POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE CHAOS ENERGY. His insanity comes from pure evil, not from Chaos energy.

Also, Turbo and Super Turbo are two different beings. Turbo is aware of Super Turbo but can't remember transforming into him. Super Turbo is a part of Turbo and therethore can access his memories.


Super Turbo is absolutely nothing like Turbo. He becomes frighteningly violent, and undoubtingly uber-evil. He will attack anyone in sight, regardless of who they are. He battles far more violently, and very egotistical, but only because he thinks and claims (and he has the power to back it up) he's unstoppable. But, he by no means holds back, only uses enough power to assure his victory.

He also has a sadistic sense of humor, saying thongs like "You can't spell Slaughter without Laughter," or "PREPARE TO BURN! I HOPE YOU LIKE FIRE!" He

He also loves the taste of blood.


Like most Super Forms, Super Turbo's spines turn upward. His Claws extend out and Rip his gloves, his eyes become Maniacal red spirals and his body glows a deep Red. His fur in someplaces becomes shaggy. A burst in adredilene turns his skin red.

Chronicle of Transformations

Troll Chronicles

Super Turbo has Appeared twice in The Troll Chronicles. He first appeared in a battle against Chimera the Forsaken when Turbo almost bled to death.He brutally Beat up Chimera but in the end Chimera Escaped.

He surfaced again when The Trolls dog piled him

He surfaced once more after gaining energy from the Chaos Amulets. With Help from Krinkinko though, Turbo regained control.

He appeared a Final Time after a burst of Chaos Energy Transformed him.

Chaos Hedgedragon Chronicles

Turbo claimed he transformed by contact with the Chaos Amulets several days after he woke up on Hidden Island. He claims the next thing he remembers is the massive urge to destroy everthing. He wakes up in a swamp surrounded by burning trees.

Turbo transformed again in response to near death at Emerald Jungle Zone when he was shot by six energy draining Troll Chips which flooded his body with acidic poisons called Troxins, and being nearly stabbed to death by Zith, a Troll General vines. He quickly killeds the Troxin Shooters, and makes quick work of Zith. His power was so great that Freezle and Hozukimaru could feel his intense energies a mile away. When Super charged a Super Chaos Eraser, it nearly tore apart the entire zone from sheer energy output. The blast incinerated Zith, carried into space, and (as mention three times so far) would give some planet a REALLY bad day.


Super Turbo has symbolic features that represent the evil he is.

Eyes:Super Turbo's eyes represent Insanity, and how beings can be tempered through emotion. They also represent Malice, and Super Turbo's carnal desire to make everything suffer.

Burning Skin:Super Turbo's burning skin represents pain.

Negative Energy Aura:Represents Super Turbo's destructive Nature, and how humans can pollute, and the evil of drugs and poison.


When Turbo goes Super, all of his incredible reserves of Chaos Energy is being channelled through his body all at once. That power makes him worlds stronger, and gives his abilities a near incalcuable boost. Super Turbo has all of Turbo's powers, but greatly amplified.

He is many times faster than normal Turbo, being able to move at speeds exceeding Mach 10. He leaves a trail of charged particles as he moves. His reflexes are boosted to compensate, and he can use his own energy to turn al literal lightning speed. His speed alone allows him to create hurricanes.

Super can fly under without energy, and without his wings. He can convert his spin attacks in mid flight and back again, allowing him to keep in midair for as long as he wants. He can fly as fast as he can run, and turn with the same level of agility.

He is strong enough physically to tear metal straight from a battleship, and can hurl anything he grabs like a missile. His claws can turn a tank into  scrap, and his punches and kicks create flaming explosions. He can smash through solid steel with a single punch.

Like most Super Forms, he's seemingly invincible. He could easily take twenty Trolls shooting at him, and show no sign of injury. He isw also highly resistant to hostile conditions, being immune to radiation, and able to survive deep sea pressure and the vacuum of space. He has no need to breath in this form.

Super Turbo is not only physical strength. His elemental and Chaos Powers are now so greatly boosted that his old ones pale in comparison to them.

He can fire Lightning blasts powered at over 1,000,000 Volts, and can fire them rapidly. He can channel electricity in many different ways. He can even create electrical storms by discharging enough energy.

His Shadow Powers are equally boosted. His shadow powers also seem to give him a form of telekinesis. He can lift objects, and become intangible for a short amount of time. His shadow powers are also charged with negative energy. 

It is unknown if Super Turbo can use any of Turbo's weapons. However, he dosen't need to, as his claws and spines are far stronger than any of Turbo's weapons. It is known that he cannot take of his inhibitor rings.

But, by far, his Chaos Powers are his strongest. The only forseeable limit to his powers is his sick, demented, imagination, and his influence by Turbo. He can turn Chaos Energy into energy waves, energy sphere, projectiles, explosions, laser eye beams, tornadoes, telekinesis, teleportation, and forcefeilds. Being practically made of the Chaos Energy from the Chaos Amulets, and many times more than Turbo has in his being, he is blessed with a practically unlimited supply of deadly Chaos Energy to destroy whatever stands in his way. His Chaos Control has powered up greatly. He can teleport long range on his own, but still is limited to Chaos Control's normal weaknesses.


Despite Super Turbo's immense power, he has some weaknesses. As stated before, Turbo has little to no control over the form, and will attack anything in sight, even Turbo's trusted friends. He will not hesitate to kill, and this lack of control makes him liable to destroy large areas, and hurt many people.

He also has the potential to have his powers siphoned, rendering him back to his normal form. However should he be absorbed, the absorber would gain his insane personality, and possibly die of overpowerment. Regardless, anyone who siphoned his powers would be unstoppable...


Negative Energy Aura:Super Turbo gives off energy so vile and Toxic that it burns away anything living, turns Supers body heat 500 Celcius, and Burns Turbo's skin off when powering down. It also turns Positive Energy Auras Negative, preventing Purification.

Super Chaos Eraser:A Supercharged Chaos Eraser that can demolish moons, and can potentially scar planets.

Chaotic Shock:This is his personal favorite attack. Super Turbo fires condensed energy beams from his eyes. These vary in color, and in effect. They can be used to electrocute opponents, incinerate them, fire concussive force, and as simply Chaos attacks. This is his deadliest attack in practice, as it can be used by him without having to move, and requires practically now charge up time. The shape transformation is at maximum potential.

Chaos Annihilation:One of Super Turbo's Ultimate attacks. A Chaos Blast that destroys everything in 10 yrds, but can be charged up to 100 miles, and can be aimed in a specific instead of in a dome shockwave. Also, if it interacts with with a substance such as strong magnetic metals, can create EMP's.

Negative Destructer Ball:Super Turbo's penultimate attack. Super Turbo focuses a large amount of Chaos Energy, both Negative and Positive and balances it to a 12:3 Ratio respectively (If this is not done correctly, the attack will very dangerously backfire) following it up by putting his hands up forming a blackish-purple mass that, at first, is formless. Following this, Super Turbo infuses the mass with pure, saturated, negative energy which causes a large orb to form. This orb is powerful enough to level an entire mountain. It can then be compressed into a small baseball-sized ball or fired as a mega sized bomb. If not, it's forced inside Super Turbo's chest. At this stage, the orb is VERY Dense, so if used on the ground or any solid surface it will collapse under his weight. After being forced inside Super Turbo's body, he glows the color of the orb. Finally Super Turbo can put his hands foward in a "Final Flash" position and fires a beam of dark energy the size of a house at the target. Very Powerful, strong enough to rip through one hundred yards of Titanium.

Super Negative Destructer Ball:Ten Times the power, density and size of the previous attack.


  • Despite the fact that Turbo becomes the Demon while afflicted by mortal injury, he still can die if the injury is great enough. If the injury truly is great enough, he can die before the transformation.
  • He is very obviously based of Super Sonic from Sonic the Comic. This is evident by their similar origin, powers, and transformation conditions.
  • He can also be compared to the avatar State from Avatar:The Last Airbender.
  • No villian he has attacked has ever survived (Outside of Roleplays). Noone has currently come close either.
  • He was scheduled to appear again in CHC twice more (once during the Demonica Project arc, and another during the last chapter) , but the series was cancelled beforehand.



SnappleMan, Ashane, norg - The Doomsday (Doomsday Zone)

Theme for Intense Battles


Sonic Generations 3DS OST - Big Arm Cash Cash Remix Feat. Jun Senoue

Theme that plays at the point of transformation.

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