Super Statyx

Super Statyx is Statyx's first and most used super transformation. Like all transformations, Super Statyx is triggered with the energy of the 7 Chaos Emeralds, or the Master Emerald.


After transforming, Statyx's quills point at an upward angle, and spread out to the sides a bit. His fur becomes a slightly darker shade of gold than Super Sonic's, and his yellow stripes become a glowing white. His eyes become a fiery red, and his power braces revert to their original form. He is also surrounded by a fiery golden aura.


As with most super transformations, Statyx gains massive boosts in speed and strength, as well as invincibility. However, his powers also "evolve" during this transformation, becoming light-based and far more powerful. His chaos powers are also supposedly increased to monstruous levels, but this has not been confirmed, as he never uses his Chaos Powers, in favor of his new light powers. Statyx's signature techniques are:

  • Flames of Iblis: Statyx lets loose a fiery beam of energy from his hand, very similiar to Thunder Beam, though much more powerful
  • Mephiles Blade: Statyx blasts a concentrated beam of energy from his index and middle finger in the style of a gun. the beam can then be used as a deadly sword.
  • Solaris Fist: Statyx's arm changes to look similiar to Solaris' and he then concentrates energy into it. He then swings his arm n a punching movement, releasing a massive amount of destructive energy.
  • Seven Lights: Statyx is also able to split his body into seven balls of light that can easily ram through most objects, though he can only do this for a limited time
  • Heaven's Judgement: Statyx sends two large orbs of Light into the sky, which, after Statyx chants the phrase for using Chaos Powers, fuse together and send down a giant beam of light. His strongest attack in this form, but it takes time.


  • Unlike most transformations, where characters' powers are increased, or they gain new abilities, Statyx's abilities actually "evolve".
  • Several of Statyx's abilities are named after Iblis, Mephiles, and Solaris. This is a reference to the fact that Solaris is sealed within Statyx.
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