Super Sonic Smackdown
Name: Super Sonic Smackdown
ESRB: E+10
Creator: SEGA and Japan Comix Inc.
Platform: Wii, PS3, XBox 360 and Arcade
Release Dates:

Arcade: Mar. 15 ,2010 (Not really)

Wii, PS3, Xbox 360: Nov. 10, 2010 (NR)

Japan flag

Arcade: Feb. 27 ,2010 (NR)

Wii, PS3, Xbox 360: Oct. 20, 2010 (NR)

Super Sonic Smackdown is the a new Sonic fighting game. It is similar to Sonic the Fighters created by PockyMalon.


Dr. Robontik (aka Eggman) has once again stolen the Chaos Emeralds. Why, you ask? To power his latest creation, Rocket Metal 3.0! Sonic and co. hear of Robotnik's new scheme and they all start their adventure toward the Death Egg (where the Chaos Emeralds were kept). Tails stops them and tells that we must have a championship to see who worthy to get back the emeralds. Everbody agrees to Tails' plan and they start their fighting championship.


  • First Round: Amy Rose (You skip this round if you picked Amy Rose)
  • Second Round: Tails (You skip this round if you picked Tails)
  • Third Round: Cream (You skip this round if you picked Cream)
  • Fourth Round: Mighty (You skip this round if you picked Mighty)
  • Fifth Round: Knuckles (You skip this round if you picked Knuckles)
  • Sixth Round: Bark (You skip this round if you picked Bark)
  • Seventh Round: Bean (You skip this round if you picked Bean)
  • Eighth Round: Fang (You skip this round if you picked Fang)
  • Ninth Round: Espio (You skip this round if you picked Espio)
  • Tenth Round: Rouge (You skip this round if you picked Rouge)
  • Eleveth Round: Sonic (You skip this round if you picked Sonic)
  • Twelveth Round: Tiara B. (You skip this round if you picked Tiara after she is unlocked)
  • Thirteenth Round: Honey (You skip this round if you picked Honey after she is unlocked)
  • Fourteenth Round: Dr. Robotnik
  • Fifteenth Round: Rocket Metal 3.0


The gameplay is similar to Sonic the Fighters.








  • Flying Carpet (Amy Rose)
  • Cocoa Island (Tails)
  • Music Plant (Cream)
  • Emerald Hill Zone (Mighty)
  • Angel Island (Knuckles)
  • Aurora Icefield (Bark)
  • Dynamite Plant (Bean)
  • Casino Night Zone (Fang)
  • Isolated Island (Espio)
  • G.U.N HQ (Rouge)
  • Green Hill Zone (Sonic)
  • South Island (Tiara B.)
  • Sunset Hill (Honey)
  • Death Egg (Dr. Robotnik and Rocket Metal 3.0)


  • Desert Dodge (Ray)
  • Aquatic Ruin (Vector)
  • Botanic Base (Charmy)
  • Radtical Highway (Shadow)
  • Volcanic Vault (Blaze)
  • Techno Tower (Silver)
  • Stardust Speedway (Super Amy)
  • Star Light Zone (Super Sonic)



Story Mode: You go through the story, which you can go play over and over again and you play as different characters you've unlocked. (1-player only)


Arcade Mode:

1-Player: Play through 10 rounds of fighting, you can play as different characters you've unlocked.

2-Player: Play aganist your friend if you picked the VS. option or you can play with your friend if you pick the tag battle option. You can play as different characters and stages that you've unlocked.

How to unlock characters, stages and Arcade Mode

How to Unlock Characters

  • Ray: Play as Mighty or Sonic in Story Mode at least one time.
  • Vector: Play as Espio five times in storymode or play on the Isolated Island stage 10 times in 2-player Arcade Mode.
  • Charmy: Play as Vector and Espio in Story Mode twice.
  • Shadow: Beat Rouge in Story Mode 10 times or play on the G.U.N HQ stage 20 times in 2-player Arcade Mode.
  • Blaze: Unlock Silver or beat Honey 15 times in 1-player Arcade Mode.
  • Silver: Play as Sonic and Shadow 50 times each in 1-player Arcade Mode or win 200 times in 2-player Arcade Mode.
  • Honey: Play on the Sunset Hill stage 100 times in 2-player Arcade mode or win 100 battles in 1-player Arcade Mode .
  • Tiara B.: Beat Amy fifty times in Story Mode or win 1000 battles in 1-player Arcade Mode.
  • Super Amy: Play as Amy seven times in Story Mode.
  • Super Sonic: Unlock all characters and play as all characters once in any mode you want.

How to Unlock Stages

Each time you unlock a character you unlock their own stage too (except for Honey and Tiara B.'s stages)!

How to Unlock Arcade Mode

You unlock Arcade Mode after you beat Story Mode for the first time.

Voice Cast

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Sonic the Hedgehog/ Super Sonic Junichi Kanemaru Jason Griffith
Tails the Fox Ryō Hirohashi Amy Palant
Amy Rose/ Super Amy Taeko Kawata Lisa Ortiz
Knuckles the Echidna Nobutoshi Canna Dan Green
Mighty the Armadillo Yusuke Numata Wayne Grayson
Espio the Chameleon Yuuki Masuda David Willis
Bark the Polar Bear ??? Frank Frankson
Bean the Dynamite ??? Sam Riegel
Rouge the Bat Rumi Ochiai Caren Manuel
Fang the Sniper Megumi Hayashibara Eric Stuart
Cream the Rabbit Sayaka Aoki Rebecca Honig
Ray the Flying Squirrel Hiroko Yoshino Rachael Lillis
Vector the Crocodile Kenta Miyake Carter Cathcart
Charmy Bee Youko Teppouzuka Amy Birnbaum
Tiara B. ??? KittheCat
Honey the Cat ??? KittheCat
Shadow the Hedgehog Kouji Yusa Jason Griffith
Blaze the Cat Nao Takamori Bella Hudson
Silver the Hedgehog Daisuke Ono Pete Capella
Dr. Robotnik Chikao Otsuka

Mike Pollock




  • This is Fang's first appearance on a home console.
  • All scrapped characters make their return in this game except for Metal Knuckles, Tails Doll and Bomb and Heavy.
  • This game is Super Amy's first appearance.
  • Many people believe this is the sequel to Sonic the Fighters.
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