Amy invites Sonic,Tails,Knuckles and Shadow to her castle (why she has a castle beets me) Tails Knuckles and Shadow  get  there earliy and are having cake waiting for Sonic. Just then eggman captrures the four of them and stuffs Tails Knuckles and Shadow in different rooms Sonic arrives and is greeted by likichao ( a mix with lakitu and a chao) and he tells Sonic that Tails Knuckles Shadow and Amy had been captrure be eggman and the only way to get them is to get mini emeralds which are hidden in paintings all around the castle and that he is gonna film Sonic. so Sonic gos out to save his friends

Playable characters

Note: all characters are abile to do a homing attck and spindash

Sonic:hes the beggining character and is the allaround character

Tails:He's the 1st character to save he can fly

Knuckles:he's the 2nd character to save he can dig 

Shadow:He's the last person to save he can do chaos sphere

Silver secrets

Link to Silver secrets

Link to Super Sonic 64

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