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Super Sonic (Sonic the Comic)/

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Super Sonic of the Fleetway "Sonic the Comic" continuity is, unlike any other setting with Super Sonic, portrayed as a sadistic, aggressive, out of control monster whose only desire is to destroy. Due to Sonic's absorption of potentially thousands of Gold Rings during the events of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, Sonic somehow gained the ability to turn into Super Sonic under extreme stress, or when exposed to Chaos Emerald Radiation.


While somewhat inconsistent, Super Sonic's appearance has always kept two distinct traits: His yellow fur and his pupils, which are scarlet spirals. Before Robotnik took over Mobius, Super Sonic had red skin, spiral eyes, and his spines did not change position. In all other appearances, his spines curved upwards and his skin color was the same peach that Sonic's was. Any other differences would be caused by how the current artist drew Sonic.


Super Sonic's personality is modeled off the traits of his base form (the Sonic the Comic version of Sonic the Hedgehog), but most of his positive heroic traits have been stripped away and replaced with amplified versions of his bad ones to compensate.

He is incredibly aggressive, and will almost always attack something he perceives at "threatening". In his first appearance alone, he brutally tore apart an Aquis (which was understandable, as it had nearly killed him as Sonic prior) but then immediately turned on the harmless rabbit who was freed from the badnik. Only Tails reminding Sonic who he was prevented him from harming the rabbit and Red (a kind Mobian trying to help clean up the Oil Ocean Zone).

In his earlier appearances, he was mostly shown to be aggressive, but not outright sadistic. He chose to save himself instead of Tails from a lava flow in issue #20, even when he could have easily done so. He also showed that his traits inherited from Sonic could be curbed (mainly, Sonic's arrogance), as Tails used reverse psychology to convince him to stop said lava flow.

He was clearly evil, however, and his fighting style reflected this. He would normally rip badniks to shreds in violent manners (such as spindashing inside a Rexon's mouth and tearing it up from the inside). As soon as the main threat had been dealt with, he would turn to whatever else was available to destroy, whether it was his friends or innocents.

A turning point came at the beginning of the "Running Wild" story arc. At this point, he showed outright sadistic tendencies and immediately went to kill Amy Rose (who Sonic had been thinking about moments earlier). He also showed a large sense of invincibility and superiority due to his immense powers, calling himself "the most powerful being on Planet Mobius". He was shown to even toy around with the Freedom Fighters before he got bored, and gave out a maniacal laugh when he thought he'd killed them.

Even after separation from Sonic, he still showed his evil tendencies. However, being able to exist on his own gave him a new deadly weapon: the ability to plan. He was able to manipulate local crime boss "Lord Sidewinder" into luring Sonic to him so he could kill his old base form.

This changed when once more during the time he lost his powers, and he became a benevolent pacifist, not using his power even if it meant saving his own life. However, this only lasted until he was forced to absorb the powers of Perfect Chaos to prevent his death.

In STC, his personality remains the same as during Running Wild. For all intents and purposes, it seems the good Super Sonic persona is dead.


Early Appearances

Chronologically, Super Sonic first appeared after Sonic obtained 6 of the 7 Chaos Emeralds (The grey emerald, which could control the others, was missing). Since the Chaos Emeralds would become unstable in warm temperatures, and cause an explosion to warp back the Special Zone. Sonic absorbed a massive amount of Emerald Radiation in the process. While he was unharmed, he transformed into Super Sonic and blasted through the roof of his Secret Base, ending up in the Swampland Zone.

Sonic transformed twice more after this. Once was off-screen when he absorbed too many Golden Rings, and another was in the Oil Ocean Zone when Sonic was attacked by an Aquis. The Aquis slid Sonic into a pool of oil before setting it on fire. The stress caused Sonic to change, and he destroyed the Aquis with little issue. He immediately turned to destroy the rabbit he'd freed from the badnik along with Tails and Red. Luckily, Tails reminded Sonic who he was, and Sonic reverted back.

RBR: Ruled by Robotnik!

Sonic's many conflicts to free Mobius from Robotnik's rule brought Super Sonic back into the playing field. The first was when the folks of the Hill Top Zone called Sonic to their aid because the local volcano was smoking. Inside, the two are ambushed by a Rexon and nearly fall into the lava. In the stress, Sonic transforms, violently destroys the Rexon, and then goes off to find Robotnik.

When the mad Super finds the seismetron Robotnik planted, he and Tails are greeted by a message telling them the volcano will erupt in three seconds. Using his natural flight and super speed, Super Sonic is able to escape with ease (with Tails clinging to his leg). When outside the volcano, Super Sonic attacked Tails, but the fox convinced him to use his powers to stop the lava flow. Super complied and ended up making a giant stone statue of Sonic.

Near the climax of the Sonic & Knuckles adaptation, Sonic and Knuckles chased an upgraded Metallix (Metal Sonic in Sonic the Comic) who had stolen the Master Emerald to the Sky Sanctuary Zone. However, the robot revealed a deadly surprise: he could utilize Chaos Energy and proceeded to do so.

With his newfound power, the Metallix easily trumped Sonic and Knuckles. However, the former landed by the Master Emerald and decided to use its powers to replicate the trick and become Super Sonic once more. The super-charged demon managed to rip the Metallix to shreds before viciously beating Knuckles until he reverted back to Sonic.

Super Sonic appeared once more during Sonic's mission to relocate the Emerald Hill folk to the Floating Island, where he smashed into a wall. He easily destroyed Robotnik's Egg Crawler by ripping through its circuitry. He then proceeded to destroy a pig he was freeing by ramming him into the ground explosively. Luckily, Sonic remembered the pig was secretly an android sent to find the location of the Floating Island.

One of Super Sonic's toughest battles came later in the form of Commander Brutus, an upgraded trooper with Robotnik's brainwaves. When Brutus nearly killed the Freedom Fighters, Sonic transformed and managed to fight back.

Even when Brutus took Amy as a hostage, Super continued to attack the trooper and ripped off Brutus' arm. Super continued this rampage, destroying most of Brutus' robotic troopers with ease. He was only stopped when he was shot by a foam cannon which hardened around him, slowing him down long enough for Brutus to escape.

Running Wild

The turning point came when Sonic accidently fell into the Emerald Chamber on Floating Island, absorbing massive amounts of Emerald Energy. He immediately went off to attack the Freedom Fighter (in particular, Amy Rose, who Sonic had expressed anger about just seconds earlier).

Upon arriving, he blew up the Freedom Fighter's caravan and proceeded to toy with the Freedom Fighters. After a few minutes of dominating the battle, Super Sonic claimed he was getting bored, and decided to kill the Freedom Fighters by blowing up their Bi-Plane. After giving out a long, maniacal laugh, he transformed back. Sonic looked upon the wreckage, and though he'd killed his friends (however, due to a plan by Amy the Freedom Fighters weren't on the Bi-Plane).

Sonic went off-radar afterward ending up in a bar a few weeks later. When a brawl broke out to capture him and turn him in to Robotnik for the bounty, even the minor amount of stress caused Sonic to change. The Freedom Fighters managed to find Sonic since he'd started to hemorrhage Chaos Energy. Soon after they picked up the reading, Super Sonic had created a massive explosion in the bar he appeared in.

Super Sonic appeared before the Freedom Fighters, taking a moment to wonder how they survive. Amy told Sonic that they could help him change back, but Super Sonic responded by saying he was the strongest being on the planet. While Tails distracted him, Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot used a massive Star Post to siphon off Super Sonic's energy and transport it to the Special Zone.

This had the side of effect of once again making Super Sonic more dangerous, as he had been physically split from Sonic and now existed as an entirely separate entity. Sonic quickly went to the Special Zone to correct this and stop Super Sonic.

In the Special Zone

While in the Special Zone, a chain of events led Sonic into prison. However, he was bailed out by local crime boss Lord Sidewinder, who took the Hedgehog to his mansion, and to a free Super Sonic. Super had made a deal with Lord Sidewinder saying he'd work for the Crime Lord if Sonic was brought to him. He had no intention of keeping his word, however, and incinerated the mansion, sparing Sonic and Lord Sidewinder's gang so he could kill them personally.

With the timely arrival of the Chaotix via the Omni-Viewer, a massive battle broke out which ultimately ended with Sonic getting a lucky shot on his rogue super form, knocking him into the Omni-Viewer. Originally, the plan was to send Super Sonic to another dimension, but Omni could not bring himself to endanger innocents. So, Omni decided to stop time inside himself, turning himself into a living prison. All but part of one of Super Sonic's hands was trapped.

Weeks later, Charmy Bee and the rest of the Chaotix discovered that Omni had failed to completely freeze time, as Super Sonic's hands had changed position. Eventually, the demon would escape. The Chaotix made to unanimous agreement to put the Omni-Viewer deep inside the Black Asteroid, a massive abandoned gem mine orbiting Planet Meridian.

Eventually, the Omni-Viewer was left within the core of the Black Asteroid. With time slowed down, it would take years for Super Sonic to escape, and when he did, Omni could simply teleport away. When he did, Super Sonic would be trapped within the Black Asteroid forever.


Despite time being slowed to a crawl, Super Sonic somehow managed to work out what was going on and started to charge himself up like a massive bomb, making the Black Asteroid appear like a second sun. Omni was forced to teleport away.

While Sonic and the Chaotix worked out a way to stop Super from escaping, Equinox Labs found out the Black Asteroid's explosion would cause a massive, planet-wide EMP. Also at this time, Lord Sidewinder made his way to the celestial body, attempting to get Super Sonic and absorb his powers.

When Sonic and the Chaotix arrived at the asteroid, they had already come far too late to stop the explosion. Only when Vector mentioned the EMP blast the explosion would cause did Sonic come up with the brilliant solution to teleport the Black Asteroid where its destruction would do more harm than good: Mobius, where almost all of the machinery belonged to Robotnik.

When the Black Asteroid exploded, the electromagnetic pulse ultimately freed Mobius from Robotnik's rule. However, as a natural consequence, Super Sonic was freed. He almost immediately tried to reduce Metropolis Zone into a smoking crater. The explosion had an unforeseen side-effect on the demonic super-being, as Super could no longer contain Chaos Energy, and became a harmless amnesiac.

Depowered Life

Wandering around Metropolis Zone confused, Super Sonic eventually met the elderly couple Arthur and Madge who decided to take him in. For a time, Super was plagued by horrible recurring nightmares of a monster who'd killed everyone on Mobius (actually dreams of his former self). After the worst and most vivid of them, he decided to leave. In return for his kindness, Madge gave the depowered hedgehog Arthur's beer money. 

Weeks later, Ebony, the owner of a coffee shop known as the Groovy Train, was told by her psychic friend Pyjamas that she'd had a vision of a horrible monster strong enough to destroy a planet. Super Sonic, low on cash, wandered in looking a for a job right at that moment.

While Ebony and Super discussed getting a job, it turned out that Lord Sidewinder had sent Biohazard to capture Super Sonic in another one of the Crime Lord's crazed attempts to attain godhood. When Biohazard attacked, Ebony told Pyjamas and Super Sonic to go into the back room. Ebony's first few spells failed because of Biohazard's thick head, but she managed to stop him by creating illusion copies of Super Sonic. Biohazard only responded by shooting his toxic chemicals everywhere.

As Biohazard rampaged, Super felt sorry as he was the reason Biohazard was here. Ebony responded that it was now personal since the Groovy Train was hers. The cat then suggested that Pyjamas link to Super's mind and see if she could restore his memory. Begrudgingly, Pyjamas accepted and managed to see the inside of Super's mind. She was greeted with all the evil locked away but otherwise managed to restore Super Sonic's memories.

Biohazard then managed to find their hiding place. While Super Sonic realized who he was, Biohazard grabbed him. Pyjamas told him that his powers had returned, and to use them quickly. However, Super Sonic refused for fear he'd return to his demonic self.

Luckily, Super didn't need to use his powers. The local authorities of the Special Zone caught up to Lord Sidewinder and managed to teleport Biohazard back. Super Sonic was able to get a job with Ebony, starting with helping to clean up the mess Biohazard made.

Life went on peacefully for Super Sonic for a time. Only once was he forced to use his powers to save a train car. He immediately reverted to his demonic self, but Ebony and Pyjamas were able to stop him and erase his memories of being evil again before Super could destroy Metropolis Zone. 

The Chaos Creature

Some time later, it was revealed Super Sonic was dying. Since he was made of Chaos Energy, and he had a finite supply. Ebony and Super Sonic traveled, looking for a source of Chaos Energy. They eventually found it at Robotnik's Fortress, where Chaos had just finished absorbing the Chaos Emeralds and became Perfect Chaos.

Despite Ebony's pleas, Sonic would not be convinced Super Sonic was good again and was convinced that if Super Sonic drained Chaos' energies, he'd be unstoppable. Before he could stop him, Super threw himself into Chaos and absorbed all of Chaos' power, reverting him back into his fish-like Drakon state. The recharged Super threw the Drakon Prosecutor into a nearby lake where he was met with the local predators ... and Big the Cat.

Unfortunately, Ebony was wrong. The massive amount of power he absorbed turned Super Sonic crazy again, and he nearly killed the Freedom Fighters. However, Ebony cast a spell that managed to re-merge Super Sonic with Sonic once more. For all intents and purposes, the good persona of Super Sonic was dead.

Sonic the Comic -Online!

Super Sonic has made several appearances in STC Online so far. During the first three issues of STCO, Ebony and Sonic discussed the possibility that Super Sonic was still good. Sonic wholly disagreed. When Sonic, Porker Lewis and Ebony met the underwater civilization that resembled the Drakons, Sonic almost went Super from exposure to the civilization's power source (a large crystal containing Chaos Energy). Luckily, Porker Lewis stopped the transformation by taking Sonic out of the room.

Sonic reported feeling a peaceful presence when this happened (whether it was actually the good Super Sonic or not is never explained), but he refuses to believe it is the good Super Sonic.

Later, Sonic finds himself on the sunken Floating Island. Having accidently destroyed its force-field, he was in danger of drowning should the island flood. Ebony and Porker decided to hit the island with a blast of Chaos energy, forcing Sonic into his super form (also allowing Tikal to escape from his body after she slipped her spirit in earlier). Dr. Zachary tried to take advantage of this by using an ancient Echidna relic to control Super Sonic. However, he somehow managed to bore Super Sonic back into Sonic, thus making Dr. Zachary the first character to legitimately defeat Super Sonic.

Later on, Shadow made mention of Super Sonic before he used the Chaos Emeralds to destroy the Special Zone, saying his control over Chaos Energy would make any effort to go Super futile.

Some time after, while Sonic was chasing Shadow across the Death Carrier, Sonic fell off the side of the ship, and the stress caused him to change into Super Sonic. Because Shadow was low on energy, Super Sonic was able to easily overcome him, speeding up the destruction of the ship in the process.

Sonic's Fall From Grace

Super Sonic was used to great effect by the Kane Broadcasting Company in their smear campaign against Sonic. They put Sonic up as a front for his demonic Super Form and even provided footage of his rampages in the Oil Ocean Zone and when he attacked the Freedom fighters in Running Wild.

Super Sonic would appear once more, influenced by Ebony, no less. To bring back her friend, Ebony used some Chaos Energy she'd captured from an earlier encounter with Super Sonic in an attempt to force a transformation. The process was stopped by Blaze and the arrival of the Order of Magick.

It also seems that around 70 years in the future, Super Sonic would have destroyed most of the world, and had become known as "The Iblis", as shown in the Comic's ongoing Sonic 06 adaptation. He was last seen destroying the last of G.U.N and his implied destruction of an elderly Knuckles. Silver was sent back in time to prevent his rise to power. 

As the Sonic 06 adaptation is still going on, it is unsure how these events will play out and how they will effect the current sagas.

Powers and Abilities

Super Sonic was, at first, not different in power to Super Sonic from the games. He had enhanced speed, effective invulnerability, and the ability to fly under his own power, as shown on almost all occasions he's transformed. This has allowed him to perform feats like making a massive statue of himself from a lava flow.

However, he also showed abilities not displayed also, such as much greater strength. This is best displayed in combat with Commander Brutus, where beforehand, he couldn't even dent Brutus' Megatal (a nigh-indestructible alloy). However, after going Super, he could smash Brutus with ease, even ripping off the super-solder's arm.

After Sonic fell into the pit the Chaos Emeralds were suspended above, he became many times more powerful, able to fly from the Floating Island to the Freedom Fighter's location at such velocity that an SBS trooper that picked him up on sonar believed it was some kind of "atmospheric effect". He was then able to tear right through the ship without slowing down.

From that point on, he showed abilities such as firing electrical energy beams from his eyes, generating spontaneous explosions of chaos energy, and even creating shields around others so he could kill them personally. As shown after becoming separate from Sonic in Running Wild, he can exist as his own entity due to the immense Chaos Energy reserves he attained

He was even able to, while nearly frozen in time, charge up enough energy so that the Omni-Viewer could not contain him, and then follow up this feat by destroying the Black Asteroid in an explosion that created a planet-wide electromagnetic pulse.

After the explosion rendered him powerless, he still gave off enough Chaos energy to be faintly tracked. After Pyjamas restored his memories and powers, he retained all of his abilities. After nearly dying and being recharged by Chaos, he showed the ability that appeared to be a green energy draining mist he used on Knuckles. It is not explained what this was and isn't used again, even in STC.

As shown in Issue 255, Super Sonic is (as Sonic and his friends feared) capable of destroying the world if left unchecked, as shown that over the course of 70 or so years he'd turned Mobius into a massive inhospitable wasteland.


Super Sonic is nigh-invulnerable, having no particular weaknesses to anything. This does not mean that he is unstoppable, however. When he was still a part of Sonic, he was still limited to how long he could stay transformed. He was also vulnerable to the energy beam used to transport his energy away to the Special Zone. Ebony's magic has been consistently able to subdue him, and even re-merge him with Sonic.

However, it could be fairly argued that Super Sonic's biggest weakness would be that just outright incinerating his foes would be too boring for him. He is shown to deliberately hold back at times so he can prolong the pleasure of killing. This has lead to his downfall twice: when Sonic hurled him inside the Omni-Viewer, and after getting his powers recharged, where he could have easily killed Sonic and his friends, but ultimately failed since holding back allowed Ebony to merge him with Sonic again.


As Super Sonic was quite popular with the comic's fanbase, it would be only natural that he would inspire several more creations in Sonic's future, as with many other elements of Sonic the Comic. Among the most popular would be "Dark Sonic", the transformation seen in Sonic X that was fueled by rage or the negative energy of the Metarex's fake Chaos Emeralds.

Another notable one would be in Archie Comics where a set of six red Chaos Emeralds managed to create a separate Super Sonic from Sonic (who shared most of the traits of the one from Sonic the Comic), but he was eventually defeated when he died of energy loss.


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