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Super Form harnessed by Sonic

Super Form is a Super Transformation, and is behind Hyper form in terms of power. In all its appearances, it has been triggered with all seven Chaos Emeralds, which usually have to be collected throughout the main story of the games or through special stages. Its first use was seen in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, where it could be acquired by getting all the Chaos Emeralds in Special Stages, then gathering fifty rings and jumping in mid-air to transform.


In this transformation, a mobian's fur takes on a striking gold color, and their eyes turn a red shade, much like Shadow's. The mobian's quills float upward, as opposed to naturally pointing down when in normal form. In addition, he gains a golden aura around himself, which becomes more intense when boosting.

The attire of a mobian changes if younger than 12 when first harnessing Super Form


Upon activation, a Super Mobian gains the ability to fly incredibly fast, invincibility, and can share his power with other characters to unlock their own super forms. He can use the form to manipulate time, and make someone revert to a time before they became villainous (and possibly fix mental instabilities). A mobian's power is limited by will (with a special sword, the mobians power becomes infinite).

Since Geistkraft and Chaos Energy are the same in Combined Universes, a super mobian can revive dead mobians (humans and overlanders become zombies if the same process is performed on them). Their superego takes control for the rest of the transformation.


If a Mobian wants to become Super, their hearts have to be pure and noble. Their mind clean from negativity in the moment that they absorb energy. When the requirements are met, their emotions become full of positivity and purity, their hearts open to salvation. If they try to transform without the requirements met, they go Fleetway and their id takes control.


Ok, don't judge me, but Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold fits Super Sonic so well. It does.

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