He is all light yellow with green eyes. He is shrouded by light and his spikes are curved up. His sun crest on his is also added to an addition of glowing. His glowing gloves are now  glowing with yellow light.

Cause of Transformation

Photon uses the seven Chaos Emeralds and he has to be in mid-air to transform. He can also use the seven Super Emeralds to transform himself into a far advanced version of this transformation

Powers and Abilities

He has photokinesis with further power than his original form. He is able to float in the air and can use chaos control. He also can use a new technique called God's Sword. He also has enhanced super speed, jumping height,  strength, and is invincible. He can even turn into his advanced form.


S rank-"Light is the world!"

A rank-"who is the invincible now?!"

B rank-"Too easy!"

C rank-"I got it!"

D rank-"I guess god is dissapointed"

E rank-"I almost died......"


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