It's a ball of fire from the sun, which is gigantic(big enough to destroy a planet) it's next to impossible to stop. It can be triggered 2 different ways. One, it can be created by a high-level pyrokinetic. Two, it can be created by an astrokinetic.(star manipulator) It's generally a gigantic ball of fire, but there is a Chaos Nova and a Dark Nova.


  • Star- He's a very strong astrokinetic, capable of 2-3 in a row.(at full strength)
  • Vuxo- He's basically Star, except he's stronger yet. He has the current record on how many in a row, 8, but also he can use the Chaos Nova and the Dark Nova as well, so yeah, if he gets mad, the universe is screwed.


Super Novas have existed since the big bang, making them extremely old. The attack was created by Star when he was blasted into the sun by Vanguard. He quickly dropped everyone and actually picked up the sun and was about to make it Super Nova, when Ty taunted him and he let go of it. But, he was beaten by Ty, yet another time traveler.


You have to have either master level pyrokinetic abilities, or expert level astrokinetic abilities.

Significant Variants

There are two types of Super Novas, the first one is created by a pyrokinetic and can be increased depending on how much strength they have. The second is done by an astrokinetic, they can make an actual star supernova and end an entire galaxy. Then there's the Chaos Nova, which is a ball of chaos energy, capable of destroying galaxies. But, the most dangerous is arguably the Dark Nova, an explosion of dark energy that only a combination of an astrokinetic and an umbrakinetic can create. Their power levels are as follows: Super Nova- 500,000 Chaos Nova-1,450,250 and finally Dark Nova- 3,740,360.

Weak Points

When it's being charged, the user is susceptible to being attacked, that's why Star layed waste to all the heros before he attempted it.


After using it, the users strength is sapped greatly. (except Vuxo, because of his DNA)

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