Super Marsha is the super transformation of Marsha, as it appears in the Marshalia13 Universe. This formed is achieved by using all 7 chaos emeralds. This is Marsha's ultimate transformation and has transformed several times.


When transformed, Marsha's black form turns gold while her light gray fur goes white and her eyes goes red. Marsha's pink jacket would turn white with a golden flame on the back.

Game Appearances

Marsha the Fox

In Marsha the Fox, after retrieving all 7 chaos emeralds from the Special Zones, Marsha can turn super at any times during the zones using 50 rings and jumping.

Powers and Abilities

While in her super state, Marsha's own abilities are enhanced. Her general enhancements are greatly enhanced, she becomes invulnerable and gains the power of flight. Marsha also can tap into the Chaos force at will, giving her the ability to manipulate Chaos energy to her liking.


Much like all transformations that uses the Chaos Emeralds, her transformation relies on Ring Energy and will power down if she runs out of it. Marsha is also vulnerable to falling down bottomless pits as well as being crushed.

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