Kenan's super form


Similar to Sonic, Shadow, and Silver, Kenan has golden-yellow fur, spiked-up quills, and red eyes; but his clothes also go through a palette change, turning his robe white with blue accents and his third eye has the symbol for infinity in the iris. Much like the others, it grants the usual benefits of enhanced powers and abilities, flight, access to unlimited power and invulnerability.


As the super form of Kenan, only he can use it.


Kenan had already used the super form a few times, even before his fight with the demon king Armageddon; but afterward, as he gained immortality, he was able to devote more of his time to mastering chaos energy. In turn, mastering the super form. Eventually, after decades and even centuries of training, he became powerful enough to transform without the emeralds and could hold the form for so long that its time limit became irrelevant. Ancient civilizations even revered him as a god.

Weak Points

His invulnerability can be circumvented by powerful users of chaos energy.

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