This is an article about Super Crysis, a character created by Sonicmegaman211683 on 07/23/2015.

Super Crysis is the Super State of Crysis and the female version of Super Sonic. She's an anthropomorphic super-powered hedgehog gifted with chaos powers from the chaos diamonds.


When transformed into Super Crysis, Crysis' blue fur most noticeably turns into a brilliant gold color and her peach skin gains a slightly golden hue. Additionally, her green eyes become ruby red and her quills have turned upward instead of hanging down, almost lifted entirely over her head.

Her top quill varies in position however, either having its angle slightly raised or being upturned like his other quills (the latter is mostly seen in CG scenes and artwork). She also possesses a golden aura which can be anything from smooth to flame-like in shape and displays either faint sparkles or electrical sparks.


While in her Super State, Crysis is easily one of the most powerful beings in the series, having defeated titanic robots, fearsome monsters, forces of nature, other Super State users and even all-powerful deities.

As another testament to her power, Super Crysis has never been defeated or tied with anyone in battle.


As Super Crysis, Crysis's innate abilities far surpasses her normal ones. Her strength has been increased to such levels that she can plow through large robots, barriers and Eggwoman’s space armada without slowing down, break enormous metal restraints without effort, and even knock back Perfect Darkness Gaia (alternate version of Perfect Dark Gaia) whose size is on par with a mountain.

Her trademark super speed has been enhanced too, approaching the speed of light and presumably beyond. She also has improved reflexes to match her increased movement and can jump higher as well.

In addition, Super Crysis has gained new abilities too. She is capable of high-speed run-flight through midair, and is as well virtually invulnerable to harm, although her invulnerability can be bypassed if she is hit with enough force, such as Sularis (alternate version of Solaris) and Perfect Darkness Gaia's attacks.


Super Crysis can fly, survive in space and harness chaos energy. Her power increases to 1000% while she transforms. 


Super Crysis' only known weakness is that she can only remain in her Super State for a short time, as this form consumes tremendous amounts of energy and requires rings to be sustained over longer periods of time. If she remains in this form for too long without sustainment, Crysis will revert back to normal.

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