Super Changin’ Muscle Rangers
Format Live action
Genre(s) Action/adventure
Created by Hank Sorin

Sheldon Leib

No. of episodes approximately 60 per season
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-Y7-FV
Network Hedgehog
Starring Johnny Austin, Alicia Huynh, Manny Taylor, Amy Sutherland, Harry Cranston, Oliver Davidson, Jason Leonard, Paul Armand, David Bell, Barbara Perez, Robert Nielsen, Steven Wood
First aired August 28, 2XX4

Super Changin' Muscle Rangers is a fictional TV program seen in BearfootTruck’s fanfic "Mighty Sonic". As one can probably tell, it’s a thinly-disguised ripoff of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The show is popular all around the world, even in Mobius.

Series overview

Super Changin' Muscle Rangers has the exact same plot as the show that it ripped off: An evil overlord is released from a 10,000 year imprisonment, so a good wizard must recruit a team of teenagers with attitude in order to stop said evil overlord. These teenagers are given special powers and fight various monsters using giant robots called DinoVords (DinoZords in Power Rangers) which can combine to form a MegaVord, all with a blazing rock soundtrack in the background. And, like almost every other superhero in existence, they must keep their crime-fighting identities secret. Most likely, the show also uses stock footage from whatever the in-universe equivalent of Super Sentai is.



  • Johnny Austin as Johnny Lee – The red Muscle Ranger
  • Alicia Huynh as Ashley Trang – The yellow Muscle Ranger
  • Manny Taylor as Walt Zacharias – The black Muscle Ranger
  • Amy Sutherland as Amy Hartman – The pink Muscle Ranger
  • Harold “Harry” Cranston as David Williams – The blue Muscle Ranger
  • Oliver Davidson as Frankie Thompson – The green (and later white, presumably) Muscle Ranger
  • David Bell as Vordon – The team leader
  • Steven Wood as Beta 6 – Vordon’s assistant


  • Barbara Perez as Dina Disgusta – The evil overlord whose release spurred the creation of the Muscle Rangers
  • Robert Nielsen as Lord Vedd – The self-proclaimed "Emperor of All Evil"


  • Jason Leonard & Paul Armand as Edward "Bull" Bulowski & Fausto "Skulk" Skulkauskas – Two local bullies who attempt to play tricks on the main characters, but whose pranks end up backfiring.


Mighty Sonic

In BearfootTruck’s fanfic "Mighty Sonic", Sonic's friends are all fans of Super Changin' Muscle Rangers, for varying reasons. How they receive this program in Mobius is a mystery. Presumably, their TV sets are linked to special satellite dishes, or they're fitted with devices that can get around censor blocks. That aside, Sonic hates Super Changin' Muscle Rangers because his show was cancelled. Even so, everyone tries to get him to like it, but he refuses. However, when the stars of the show are kidnapped, Sonic springs into action and – with the help of his friends – he rescues them. As a reward, Sonic & Tails get to guest star in an episode of the show, and from this point on, Sonic becomes a fan of the series.


  • Sonic's show being cancelled is a reference to Sonic SatAM being cancelled because of intense competition from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
  • All of the Muscle Rangers have the same personality traits as their Power Rangers counterparts. The only exceptions are Walt & Frankie (the black & green Muscle Rangers). Walt's personality is closer to Shadow's, except he is not as arrogant or mentally unstable. In fact, his personality may be closer to Worf from Star Trek. As for Frankie, his personality is more like Knuckles'.
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