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Super Ashura
Transformation of
Ashura the Hedgehog
Cause of Transformation
Positive Chaos Emerald Energy
Chaotic Good
The Legend of Ashura (first appearance), The Legend of Ashura 2: Oak Strikes Back (upcoming), The Legend of Ashura 3: Rise of Team Hedgesnake (upcoming), The Legend of Ashura 4: Ashura Unleashed (upcoming), The Legend of Ashura 5: Secret of the Wisps (upcoming)
Theme Song
VS. Nega-Wisp Armor: Phase 2 (Sonic Colors)
Cquote1 Time to get owned! Cquote2
Super Ashura

Super Ashura is a transformation of Ashura the Hedgehog in MewtwoLucario's The Legend of Ashura series. Ashura becomes Super Ashura whenever he harnesses the positive energy of the Chaos Emeralds.


In this form, Ashura's green fur becomes purple, so he slightly resembles Super Scourge. His dark grey markings and gloves turn black.

Powers and Abilities

Super Ashura allows Ashura to fly faster than he can run, as well as running faster and jumping higher. He is granted with enhanced stamina, making it impossible for Ash to die or be greatly injured in this form. Super Ashura is also given enhanced strength, being able to break through all of Team Oak's attacks and etc. without stopping. He is able to use Chaos powers, being able to bend time to his will or teleport objects with Chaos Control. In this form, Ashura's normal attacks and abilities are increased tenfold.


Concept and Creation

MewtwoLucario wanted Ashura to be as powerful as Sonic, and in order for that to happen, he would have needed his own Super form. This led to Super Ashura's creation.

More coming soon!


"Super form.......ENGAGE!" - what Ashura says when transforming into Super Ashura

"I'm prepared to show you the Power of Chaos!" - before a final boss

"Seriously, dude, I know Chao who put up a better fight!" - after a final boss

Theme Song

Final Boss - Part 2 - Sonic Colors Music Extended-0

Final Boss - Part 2 - Sonic Colors Music Extended-0

Super Ashura's Theme Song


  • Even if Ashura turned evil (which will never happen), Super Ashura would still be chaotic good.
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