Suolo the Hedgidna

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsVisoravan the Hedgecat (wife)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Red, with a massive amount of quills, almost like hair, dreadlocks and tan skin.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Brown & green mottled cloak
  • Black shirt
  • Black elbow-length armored gloves
  • Black pants
  • Brown socks
  • White boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Earth Clan of Temblor (assassin)
  • Advanced combat
  • Advanced Geomancy
  • Stealth
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Suolo is an assassin from the Earth Clan of Temblor.

Personal Description

Suolo is a red hedgidna, with a massive number of quills reaching from his head to halfway down his back, while his dreadlocks reach to his chest, like most echidnas. He is extremely muscular in his upper body, with furred upper arms, while having a standard lower body.


Suolo, being a master of stealth and silent movement, wears a thick brown and green mottled cloak, with a black shirt, pants and elbow-length gloves with that. He also wears white canvas boots, for reasons unknown.


Joining the Earth Clan

Suolo was born in the Northern Tundra, where he lived his first twelve years in peace, living as the son of a chieftain, one who made sure that all his people were alright. Then GUN arrived, "needing to excavate the area for an archaeological dig", as they claimed. When Suolo's father refused, GUN attacked. They massacred many of the tribal warriors that came to fight them like mere animals, with soldiers wearing specialized exo-suits with machine guns to lethal effect.

In a final gesture, the chieftain made a final decision and tapped his son on the forehead, activating his Geomancy and sending him underground as he fought and inevitably lost his life. Suolo was lost in despair, as well as in the cold dirt around him. Silently, he could feel a power drawing him in, a voice calling to him from afar. He realized that by envisioning the dirt moving, it would, simply by casting a magic spell. Slowly, he moved to the voice, which turned out to be energy from the Stone Orb of Temblor.

He emerged in the middle of the Ruins of Sephazer, where he was instantly surrounded by Earth Clan members, astonished that a mere child could suddenly appear from underground. The leaders conferred and agreed. No harm would befall this child as long as he was in their care.

Prospective Assassin

Soon after his fourteenth birthday, the question arouse about what kind of work he could do, considering that the main thing he wanted was to get his revenge on GUN. When Doseki the Echidna, the second in command of the clan, asked him, Suolo's response was to become a leader of the clan, but the elder echinda explained that all the leaders had to do something else first, and it was an inherited position. Suolo's next idea was to become a battle mage, due to his disinterest in weapons, but Doseki noticed something about the young hedgidna's clothes and movements and just how suited for stealth they were. He brought the idea up in a meeting with the other elders - Suolo had the makings of an assassin, and he'd thought of a way to bypass Suolo's dislike of weapons. Almost straight away, one of the battle mages started to teach Suolo a mixture of stealth techniques and powerful Geomance abilities, like Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole and Fissure, while some of the soldiers started to teach him how to fight like them, a mixed martial art shared by all the clans. Suolo didn't disappoint, learning all techniques at a rapid pace leading up to his sixteenth birthday. On that very day, Doseki revealed why everyone had been training Suolo like that - he was a prospective assassin, someone capable of sneaking into an enemy base, stealing information or killing leaders, and getting out, all without being noticed. Suolo was at first stunned, but then accepted the position with grace and strength. At some stage in the following months, he got his girlfriend Visoravan the Hedgecat pregnant.

Starting with a Bang!

After entering the battle force, Suolo's first missions were basic, picking off brigands and thieves in the area under the supervision of one of the elders or another assassin (usually Vuori the Weasel), but on his eighteenth birthday, he was given his first solo mission, a long way away. He was to go back to the Northern Tundra, find out the commander of the group that killed his family, and deal with him. Suolo accepted happily at first, but asked them to watch out for his family, his now-wife Visoravan and their daughter, two-year-old Pietra the Hedgehog. Once it was agreed that they would be looked after in the event that he was killed in this mission, he set off alone, using Geomancy to tunnel to his old homeland. Quickly, he found a GUN training base, built over the ruins of his home, and snuck inside from underneath. Under there, he found a catacomb of tunnels, which he followed until he sensed large amounts of electricity above him. Rising from underground, he appeared in the computer room, which he quickly hacked and discovered that the commander of that mission was still the base commander, and a map to his office. Returning to the tunnels but following the map mentally, he surfaced in the office, hidden by his cloak, and waited. After fifteen minutes, the base commander stormed in, but froze when Suolo stood, face hidden by his cowl. Mistaking the young assassin for a ghost, the bear pleaded for his life, afraid and blathering about the beast from the staff he broke. Suolo, confused, opened a fissure directly underneath the commander, and as the bear cried, closed it. He then sunk back into the ground and headed for his new home, a weight lifted from his shoulders.


Suolo is a natural master at undetected movement, both above and below ground. This fact he combines with Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole to become twice as stealthy. His style of assassination is normally using Fissure to open up the ground beneath someone, and then closing the ground, crushing the target. However, he has many other techniques, both Elementless and Earth-based, that he uses if ever located, not a common occurrence. His greatest weakness in assassination is characters who can levitate, avoiding the Fissure and resulting in a prolonged battle, as well as any Super forms, things he can't overpower or, in most cases, out-think.

Earth Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Friends and Allies






Suolo had a driven personality up until the assassination of the GUN Officer who had destroyed his home. He was focused on getting his revenge, and bringing GUN down around him. However, after the officer was finished by his hand, his focus shifted on protecting his family, as well as doing missions for the Earth Clan, his allies and closest friends. He always aims for the best for his daughter, and tries to make sure she is always safe and cared for, as well as his wife. Often, this may result in him being assigned as almost a secret weapon for work with his wife, so he can assure her safety. He practices hard and regularly, always drilling his techniques so that they are second nature to him, and so he can use them at a moment's notice, and is filled with enough patience to wait for hours for his target. However, he still enjoys just relaxing with his family, and assuring their safety.

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