This is an article about Sunshine the hedgehog, a character created by BlazeTheCat 9 on 03/12/2013.


Sunshine has a personality a bit like lemon (Since she is her cousin), But a bit more serious. 
Sunshine the hedgehog


Sunshine has usually been a lonely hedgehog, And usually only talks to her cousin, Lemon the hedgehog. Since she only talks to her, She is considered "Shy" And gets bullied quite a bit. Over her years of being a tortured soul, She has learned to stand up against people that are mean to her. She was once on a holiday with her parents, And got tricked into drinking a potion that could make her shapeshift.


She can shapeshift.


Shirt: Green shirt with white polka dots. Earrings: Golden hoops. Gloves: White and show fingers. Fur color: Yellow. Eyes: Blue. Pants: Dark grey jeans. Shoes: Green sneakers.


She is afraid of heights (Exept when she's flying), And also cannot swim unless she's a water animal.

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