Sunnyville is a beautiful city based highly off of California. The lovely beaches, lush scenery, bustling city life, and near endless activities make this place a perfect heaven for anyone looking for an extreme lifestyle.


Sunnyville was founded a few hundred year ago. It was named after the cheery disposition the area had. They place was created into a place with many activities and places to keep everyoen occupied. Sunnyville doesn't have a highly detailed history as not much to be noted happens there.


Sunnyville runs like a normal city with a mayor, police stations, and a city hall. It is a democratic government allowing people to vote on many of the laws. The mayor of the city is a nice man who overloosk the city in city hall. The police usually have very little to do because the crime rates are so low. The city mainly focuses on the health of the community so multiple activites were iniated for the process.


  • City Hall
  • Pier
  • Sunnyville Pier Amusment Park
  • Sunnyville Beach
  • Ray's Beach Rentals
  • Ray's Sunny Shack
  • Deadman's Hill
  • Deadman's Hill Track
  • Sunnyville Elementary School
  • Sunnyville Middle School
  • Sunyville High School
  • Sunyville Memorial Hospital
  • Witch Lake
  • Witch Lake Track
  • Near-Pier Carnival
  • Sunnyside Preshcool
  • Sunset Memorial Park
  • SMT Bus Station
  • Sunny Movie Theatre
  • Sundial Mini-Mall
  • Sunnyville City Police Department
  • Sunshine Super Market
  • Backward Creek Track
  • Backward Creek
  • Sunny Side-Up Diner
  • Sunnyville Bank
  • Sunnyville Skate Park
  • Sunnyville Cafe
  • Sunnyville Park
  • Sunyville Radio Station/Sunny9.7
  • Extreme Gear Shop & Repair
  • Sunnyville Extreme Gear Lessons
  • Sunnyville Art Class
  • Sunnyville Potery


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