Sunny the Lycanroc is an eager, cheerful, friendly, sweet-hearted young Lycanroc living in The Megastone Rogues. She is the daughter of Boulder the Lycanroc and Dawn the Lycanroc, and therefore Crunch the Lycanroc's niece, Finnick the Lycanroc's granddaughter, the adopted granddaughter of Lucas the Lycanroc and adopted niece of Lycus the Lycanroc. She appears in the story Storm of Darkness in The Legend of Fox the Brave, and has been confirmed to evolve into Dusk Lycanroc off-screen between Tide of War and Storm of Warriors.


As Rockruff: Sunny resembles a short non-anthropomorphic puppy with tan fur, a brown muzzle, brown paws, floppy ears, blue eyes a pink nose, and a white mane, belly, and tail.

As Lycanroc: Being a Dusk form, Sunny resembles a Midday form but with orange fur, green eyes, and a much thicker mane that drapes over her face.


Given her youth, Sunny is rather innocent, and is incredibly friendly, eager, kind-hearted, and cheerful. She loves her family dearly, referring to her mother and father as "mama" and "papa", respectively. She loves both of her grandfathers, Finnick and Lucas, and was once curious about why she had two grandfathers(prompting Boulder to tell the tale of his father's banishment from the Poni Moon Pack).


Storm of Darkness: Set after the Shadows of Evil trilogy, Sunny is to make her debut in this story. Not long after Mephiles' defeat in Dusty Desert thanks to Boulder and Austin's Continental Crush-boosted by Shadow's Chaos Control-Dawn and Boulder have an egg that hatches into a female Rockruff they name Sunny. Boulder, still having dreams of Mephiles even after the evil being's defeat, worries about the possibility of the shadowy being escaping and threatening his new daughter. Dawn tells him that he's worrying too much, saying that she'll be a Lycanroc herself one day, and would dislike his overprotectiveness as much as Dawn herself disliked how overprotective her brother was over her.


Sunny's powers are unknown, but may be revealed as she grows older.


Sunny's Ability is unknown, but it is likely either Keen Eye or Vital Spirit.


Unknown, but may be revealed as she grows older.


Being a Rock-Type, Sunny is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon, Resists Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, Poison, and has a Type-Advantage against Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug-Type Pokemon.


As Rockruff


Boulder the Lycanroc

Boulder is Sunny's father and they care deeply for each other. Sunny is constantly confused by her father's importance, since she has no knowledge of her father's powers.

Dawn the Lycanroc

Dawn is Sunny's mother and they care deeply for each other. Dawn constantly works to tone down her mate's protectiveness over their daughter because she doesn't want Sunny to feel suffocated like she did.

Finnick the Lycanroc

Like with her parents, Sunny cares for Finnick, who likes to tease that she is his favorite granddaughter-leading to her answering that she is his only granddaughter.

Lucas the Lycanroc

Like with her parents, Sunny cares for Lucas, and has apparently thawed the stoic old warrior, as he shows his softer side more often with her around. Sunny was initially confused as to why she had two grandfathers but not a grandmother, leading to Boulder telling her the story of how his own father Finnick was banished from the Poni Moon Pack and how Lucas raised him after taking him away from said Pack and its savage leader Crash; at least, until Finnick arrived at the Storming Base.


Sunny is the third LGBTQ+ character to appear in the series, the first being Lucas, and the second Finnick. Additionally, she is the second LGBTQ+ character to be related to a protagonist, the first being Finnick

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