Sunny the Lycanroc is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. She is the daughter and first-born of Boulder and Dawn, older sister of Pebble, and mate of Crystal, making her a confirmed LGBTQ+ character


As Rockruff: Sunny resembles a short non-anthropomorphic puppy with tan fur, a brown muzzle, brown paws, floppy ears, blue eyes a pink nose, and a white mane, belly, and tail.

As Lycanroc: Being a Dusk form, Sunny resembles a Midday form but with orange fur, green eyes, and a much thicker mane that drapes over her face. As of Looming Shadows, Sunny keeps a flower tucked behind her ear


Sunny is spunky, friendly, and inquisitive, though she shows brief flashes of intuition every now and again. Not long after Crystal arrived at the Storming Base, Sunny gained a romantic interest in her, which was reciprocated


Looming Shadows: Sunny is born to Boulder and Dawn in Mystic Ruins while Boulder is recovering from his battle with Enerjak. She is shown to display an inquisitive nature, constantly asking about the warriors. Later, in Soleanna Forest, Sunny is left behind with the rest of the group while Boulder travels to Dusty Desert with Braveheart and Crunch. When Boulder returns to find the forest under attack, Sunny is seen being pushed up a tree by an elderly Fin. Enerjak fires at the two, but while Sunny grabs onto another branch, Fin hits his head on it, and is killed. Sunny does not appear afterward.


Sunny's moveset is unknown


Sunny's Ability is Tough Claws


Being a Rock-Type, Sunny is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon


As Rockruff


Boulder the Lycanroc

Boulder and Sunny have a healthy father-daughter relationship. They are fairly close, and love each other dearly

Dawn the Lycanroc

Like with Boulder, Sunny maintains a healthy and close relationship with her mother

Pebble the Lycanroc

Being an older sister, Sunny loves to tease Pebble and mess with him, but the two are close

Crystal the Lycanroc

It was confirmed by the author that Crystal and Sunny are in a relationship. As of a currently unnamed story, they are officially mates, making them an LGBTQ+ couple. Sunny and Crystal are shown to love each other dearly


Sunny is the third LGBTQ+ character to appear in the series, the first being Lucas, and the second Finnick. Additionally, she is the second LGBTQ+ character to be related to a protagonist, the first being Finnick

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