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Sunny the Hedgehog Sunny zarvara.png

Biographical Information
Age 16
  • Zarvara Cillana (real name)
  • Sunshine (a pet-name that annoys her)
  • Little Girl (used by Stacie)
  • Sis (used by J)
Romantic Interests
DOB (Date of Birth) June 8th 1996
Physical Description
Species Long-eared Pygmy Hedgehog
Gender Female
  • Fur/Hair: Golden Yellow/Blonde, Black (though it can turn a silverish-grey when the dye starts to come out) - her actual hair-color is platinum blonde
  • Skin: Light Tan (almost White)
  • Eyes: Brown, Blue (caused from Heterochromia when she was younger)
  • Shirt: A mostly-grey shirt. The grey part of the shirt is short sleeved, but has another shirt under it, long sleeved, and an aqua-green color. Though, she mostly wears a green tanktop over a silver tanktop in the Summer.
  • Pants: She can mostly be seen wearing black jeans. But she also wears kapris sometimes, if it's very humid or hot out.
  • Gloves and Socks: She wears white socks, and dark grey gloves. Her shoes have a complicated design.
  • Extra Accessories:
    • She has a green and silver choker that she wears around all the time except when she is in water or sleeping.
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Pocket Knife
  • Solarakinesis
  • Light Palm
  • Divine Storm
  • Able to sing quite well
Other Information
American V.A. Mae Whitman
Theme Song(s)
  • Your Rain
Original Creator User:Sunny the Hedgehog/User:CelestialSun



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Early Childhood/Prepubescence

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Adolescence/Current Events

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Sunny, living up to her nickname, has a very vivid and lively personality. Most of the time, there is a shy yet true smile on her face, and her tone of voice usually notifies people of her good mood. However, her temper can take a very swift turn for the worse if her buttons are pushed (see "Dislikes" section). She is also quite fearful and uncertain of specific things, and she tends to overreact to small problems.

She knows modern ettiquete and uses it around adults, as she is unwilling to be seen in an 'impolite light'. Around others who are around her own age or younger, though, she is playful and bright, but a bit rude as well.


  • Scaring people (sometimes has been seen doing so on occasion)
  • Various types of music
  • Animals (non-anthro)
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Having time to herself
  • Mathematics
  • Drawing (though she isnt that good at it, she enjoys drawing during her free time)
  • Athletics (soccer)
  • Getting hugs (according to herself, she says it takes stress away)
  • Critique on her drawings (she likes to know how she can improve and whatnot)


  • Being crowded (claustrophobia)
  • Being bothered whilst doing something important
  • When her anger-issues are mentioned
  • Stacie the Hedgehog
  • Too much heat (She has sensitive skin along with a thicker coat of fur.)
  • Being constantly ignored
  • Failing or not doing well on an assignment of some sort
  • Being confronted about an upset mood
  • Too much noise (it hurts her ears a lot)
  • Being complimented too much (It leaves her to speculate that the compliments are out of pity, for whatever reason.)

Abilities and Weaknesses

Sunny's main ability is Solarakinesis, which is the power to control the Light/Sun or the Holy Element. This ability is very useful to Sunny, but not always fighting-useful. She will usually use this ability to cheer others up, rather than fight with it. Besides Solarakinesis, Sunny has a few other natural/physical abilities. Though not very fast and powerful, she is very skillful and stealthy. Her stealth is extremely useful to her, as she can use it to maneuver through obstacles. It has also been shown that Sunny has a great singing voice, though she keeps it hidden, and only sings to herself on occasion.

Sunny is afraid of the water, and is unable to swim. Heat and humidity are 'killer' to her. This is probably because she has a sort of thicker coat of fur than most hedgehogs. She prefers the cold, but also cant get too much of it. She also has a fear of basements and attics, due to being 'playfully' shoved in them in her past by human children who were unaware of her fears. Also because of this, she is scared of the dark, and she is claustrophobic. She isn't very brave If someone manages to upset her enough, she will very well retreat to a quiet place and cry.

Friends, Rivals, and Enemies


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  • Adelyte Austerlitz
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Twister the Fox
  • Kinomi Fox
  • Lucane the Wolf
  • Solstice the Wolf
  • Blade the Hedgehog ("If I can call you a 'friend'.")
  • Mystic The Bat
  • Maero The Hedgehog ("I guess we're friends...")
  • Bella The Bandicoot
  • Simbal Leelel
  • Phoenix the Cat
  • Ryushu the Cat
  • J the Hedgehog (Even though he's Sunny's older brother, he also considers Sunny her best friend, most likely because he deeply cares about her and will do anything he can to protect her)


Nilly L- thinks Blaze is a better girlfriend


-Metal The Wolf

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Love Interest

Relations to Other Characters


Sunny and Adelyte are extremely good friends- perhaps they even consider eachother to be 'best friends'. They're always trying to start something, whether it be good or bad, smart or downright dumb.

Sunny's shy demeanor fades whenever she's with Adelyte, and instead she's very giggly and zany a.k.a*coughannoyingcough*.


  • She can sometimes be seen coughing/wheezing, and pulling an inhaler out of her pocket.
  • The reason her irises are two different colors, is because she has Heterochromia. This means that in her early life, she might have suffered from disease or severe injury.
  • Due to her early life, being stuffed into attics and basements by humans, it can be said that she has Anthropophobia, the fear of people or society.
  • She hates children (scratch that, she's more or less 'afraid' of them), even Mel the Hedgehog (her younger brother). The only children that Sunny can tolerate are Simbal Leelel, Twister the Fox, and Phoenix the Cat (to an extent).
  • She's allergic to chocolate...and is very upset about it, since she only tasted it once, which is when she found out she was allergic to it.
  • Shown here, Sunny has an interest for witchcraft, one reason in which J the Hedgehog (her older brother) used to make voodoo dolls when he was 11 before he got interested into motorsports (even though Sunny was interested in WC before she knew J was into it also). J wishes to resume on making voodoo dolls again, with the help of Sunny.
  • Sunny has always considered her name to be a nickname. When she was adopted by Theia, her name was changed to "Zarvara", and also gained the last name of "Cillana". However, people still call her "Sunny".
  • She stated that her actual hair color was a platinum blonde color, though it's often dyed dark.

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