This is an article about Sunni Cinder, a character created by SweeTea on 11/28/2014.


Sunni is a light coffee colored hedgehog. She has very bright blue eyes that are almost neon and are very vivid. Sunni's attire varies, but commonly she is seen wearing a cardinal red shirt, a night black jacket (with a little fluff on the hood and sides of course!!) and a dark plum purple pair of jeans, and some bright tomato red sneakers. 

Sunny reference by punkin cookies-d87nzvp

Sunni ref made by me, SweeTea~!

Sunni also has some accessories. While she tries not to wear too many, she also avoids not wearing any at all. She has a necklace with two glossy tan colored beads and a pair of glasses (she doesn't need them; they are more an accessory). 

This reference isn't my best because I recently commissioned an artists to make me one. I knew it didn't need to be that good because it was going to be drawn over again. 


Sunni's personality is very calm and "cool" around the regular person. She does have a very positive attitude though; in any situation she always sees the bright side. 

Sunni's favorite activities include volleyball, basketball, and roller skating. Sunni is a very active person and loves the outdoors. As long as she is outside, she is very happy. Sunni does not like to stay indoors too long. She does enjoy watching a good movie once in while, but she would rather be outside playing a sport.


Sunni grew up on the rough side of town. Her family was large and since she was the youngest of her siblings she was often neglected by her parents. She worked all day at school and after school went to a factory to work to support her family. After long, stressful hours she would go home with a lot of homework. She always had a smile on her face though. She was happy she had a family and a home.

Factory work was very dangerous. Many workers were getting cancer and other diseases from the exposure of poisonous gases. To solve this problem, scientists tried to invent a medicine that worked that a force field that contained strong chemicals... some radioactive. In a way it was supposed to work like a flue shot; it was an immunity. When they tried to get test patients, no one was crazy enough to try. But Sunni had nothing to loose.  

She was getting paid a lot of money; she knew if she brought that money home to her family it would really help them out. So, one Saturday morning she got up and went over and took the long trek to the lab. There, she was injected with the medicine, and her brown eyes turned bright neon blue. Then, she blacked out. 

When Sunni woke up, the whole lab was destroyed and papers were drifting in the wind; some remnants of lab equipment lay on fire in the sun. Sunni knew something bad had happened. That's when she began to run. She just ran.

Later, Sunni met someone who had the same neon eyes like her. This person was a scientist who had invented the same chemical and tried it on himself. The scientist introduced Sunni to her new powers that came with the chemical injection and Sunni later learned to control these powers and left the scientist to go on her own adventures.


Sunni's powers come from a failed medicine that was supposed to immune factory workers to hazardous fumes. Sunni can shoot toxic blue flames and make duplicates of herself using the powers. Some things she can make with the blue flames are a lasso, a force field, and even a pair of wings.


Sunni is very balanced and flexible. This makes her good at getting out of sticky situations.


As far as skill, Sunni knows basic self defense she learned from a scientist that raised her


Sunni is weakened by water (she does not drink water, she gets energy from power lines and other electric devices).  


Sunni by SweeTea~!

Sunni by me, SweeTea~! background found on

Sunny Image!

Sunni by me, SweeTea!

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