Cquote1 For four thousand years there has been war, conflict and oppression, and it won't end with me. Don't expect mercy Cquote2
Summers talking to Eggman

Summer the Hedgehog, The last of his kind. When Summers made his appearance known, he was an amnesiac who did not know where he was, where he was from, or even what happened to him; all he could recall was his name. He was found by Sonic at Emerald Beach, unconscious near the coast line, and after being fully aware of where he was, it was his first encounter with Eggman, who chose this time to be the best time to attack Sonic. However, before Sonic could make his attack, Summers had already shown his potential by destroy a number of Phi robots in short time. This was the beginning of Summers' legacy.


When Summers first made his appearance, his spines looked near identical to Sonic's, but with three quills at the front and one overlapping each shoulder. Later on, he has four spines down each side of his head and five down the middle, no longer having the quills on his head or ones covering his shoulders. Like the other members of the Shouka Clan, he has a black head and spines, along with crimson red colored eyes, but has red colored fur on the rest of his body.

His old attire consisted of traditional Shouka Clan garments; gold necklace and armbands with white pants and blue boots; he did not have a gold belt or the tribal kilt that the more powerful fighters wore. His more recent attire is a complete change; discarding his old tribal attire, he now has white gloves much like Sonic and Tails, a golden-beige pair of pants, fastened to the waist by a long blue sash. His boots were customed to his liking, borrowing inspiration from Shadow's design; the shoes maintain the normal curvature along the top, but the toecaps take a 45 degree slant, much like shadows. The outside of the main body of the shoes have a durable and flexable golden bar to give Summers' kicks a bit more power. The tops of the shoes also have a blue flame-like pattern.


Summers mostly utilizes a fast paced, co-ordinated flurry of punches and kicks, though only one of Summers' fierce attacks can pierce through dense substances and objects, namely Eggman's robots. However, when Summers' is sparring, holding back, testing his opponent, or not taking his opponent seriously, he will assume one of many of the stances of the KamiKen Tenkaichi (Divine Fist Under the Heavens) Martial Arts. Each stance has its own name in connection of the World Elements. Those are the Mizugo (Water Fist), Tsuchigo (Earth Fist), Kazego (Wind Fist), Kago (Fire Fist), Raigo (Lightning Fist), Tetsugo (Iron Fist), Kurogo (Dark Fist), Tenmago (Demon Fist), Karago (Empty Fist), and finally Kamigo (God Fist). Each stance has it's own combat style, be it using mainly kicks, mainly punches, plam attacks, grapples and such; It's said that he who masters all of the styles (Known as the Ten Branches), becomes untouchable. However, Summers has only mastered a few of these stances.

When fighting, Summers tends to stick to the ground, but if a fight requires him to get serious, he'll begin to fly in order to get around his opponent easier and, of course, quicker. When he's like this, he'll begin to fire volleys of chaos energy, as well as use his Heaven Cannon and Heaven Surge Wave; two attacks that require a large amount of Chaos Energy, The first attack is fired as a large ball of Chaos Energy which explodes violently on impact, while the second is launched as a huge stream of Energy, vaporizing virtually anything caught in it.


Summers is known as a master of hand to hand combat, not being beaten by many. Because his blows are so quick and powerful, it is often that he puts the opponent down in one hit, but he always pulls his punches to avoid a killing blow. Because he is a student of the Kamiken Tenkaichi, he has empowered senses and flexibility. However, his most defining ability is his Sixth Sense; because his natural aura and senses are far greater than most others, he can sense anything from behind him as though he had eyes on the back of his head, making it pretty much impossible to take him from surprise. Because of the Sixth Sense, he often leaves his back to his opponent as they believe that can get a cheap shot in before Summers can react, which almost always turns in his favour as he flash steps behind the opponent and deals a powerful blow as they are disorientated from the failed attack.

Because he is a Shoukan Hedgehog, Summers possesses a large amount of Chaos Energy, strongly matching the Super Emeralds as he can obtain high forms, including Super and Hyper forms, without the need of emeralds. He is known as a very powerful Chaos Manipulator, and seeing as he harbors this energy naturally, he can continue launching chaos-based attacks for extended periods of time, something that even Shadow with a Chaos Emerald finds difficult to do.

After extended periods of training after his disappearance in the fight against Shinras, Summers has mastered the ability of Nothingness; the ability to manipulate an invisible force, similar to Chaos Energy, made of pure concussive force, which may or may not be lethal depending on how much of his energy he puts into each attack; something as simple as a palm strike, while applied correctly, could deploy a lethal attack that can crush internal organs. The most damaging of these attacks is the Buddhist Palm. This Buddhist Palm is a simple palm strike, and is not even considered a strike; the user simply thrusts his palm forwards, with as much effort as he wants, and launches a powerful blast of force several stories high, enough to completely demolish buildings and anything else that may get in his path. Only truly powerful warriors are able to survive the ordeal of facing this attack, and even so they may find their body highly damaged, including broken bones, deep cuts and ruptures.



Before it was thought that one required the seven Chaos Emeralds to be granted the infinite power to be able to obtain the Super Form. However, Summers, as well as some of the other Shouka tribesmen, have displayed the natural ability to obtain the Super form without aid of the Chaos Emeralds. This is because, inside their own body, are dormant levels of Chaos Energy. As a member of the Shouka Clan ages, their Chaos Energy begins to strengthen. With enough training, the person is able to utilize their Chaos Energy to numerous degrees; flight, super speed, greater strength, heightened awareness and extrasensory powers. However, when a person succumbs to heightened emotions, they have the power to transform into their Super Form, but they cannot transform at first out of desire, but out of need. When Summers first transformed, it was because Eggman had succeeded in obtaining the seven Chaos Emeralds for himself, powering his Doomsday Weapon. Summers, witnessing his now homeland about to be destroyed, did not transform out of desire to help his friends, but the need to protect them. A Super Form achieved in this manner works the same as a Super Form achieved by the Chaos Emeralds; he can only sustain this form for as long as he can sustain a certain level of Chaos Energy. However, a person in this Super Form becomes much more aggressive in mind, but maintains their normal personality traits. A person who reaches this level of Super the first time round will be able to access it much easier in future uses. When Summers attains his Super Form, only his head turns into a golden-yellow color, while bolts of electricity erupt from his body, caused by the level of friction from his aura of Chaos Energy and the air around him.


However, it does not stop there. When a person is able to obtain this Super Form, they tap into unbound powers from the sudden rise in Chaos Energy, but cannot fully utilise it until they have perfected the usage of the Super Form. When someone perfects the usage of the Super Form, their Chaos Energy levels will fall much less than it would when they hadn't, meaning that they could increase their own levels of Chaos Energy at a faster rate than the rate of which Chaos Energy is consumed, achieve something much more. When a person obtains a certain level of Chaos Energy, or a certain amount of emotional outburst, a person can, evidentally, obtain the Hyper Form without the usage of the Super Emeralds. As with other Hyper Forms, the user remains invulnerable, has flashing stars around them, leaves an afterimage when flying, can breathe underwater, and also adopt a special attack (Sonic Boom in Sonic's case, Earthquake Punch in Knuckle's case). Much like the Super Form, a person who taps into this form the first time will find it easier in subsequent uses, although the Hyper Form still remains very hard to achieve. Summers first achieved this against Super Mecha Summers, which quickly overpowered him. Seeing his friends tortured at nearly killed, Summers experienced a huge emotional uproar, and consequently, changed from his Super Form, to his Hyper Form. When a person achieves a hyper form this way, their personality undergoes a drastic change; they become much more fierce, aggressive and sadistic in nature, evidence of when Sonic told Summers to destroy his Mecha counterpart to get the Chaos Emeralds, Summers replied "hehehe... not on your life. I want to see if this thing can experience pain, and then i will make it suffer in agony!". When Summers becomes Hyper Summers, his hair starts to flash all colors of the Chaos Emeralds, as it normally would. The two spines that used to drape over his shoulders become apparent as well. After subsequent uses, the user begins to calm down much more than in their first transformation, maintaining their usual state of mind and personality.


It is said that this Next Form is the hardest to control; not because you lose your mind or because you'll end up exploding from the surge of power, but because it is extremely difficult to fight the right economical balance; you need to balance it so that you're not using too much power over the period of the duration of this form, otherwise this form will not last very long. This form is considered a forced transformation, as it does not occur naturally out of insticts like the Super and Hyper forms when used through harboured Chaos Energy. When one has mastered the Hyper Form and, like when they master the Super Form, can generate more Chaos Energy than the form consumes, then one can transform into their Mega Form. However, this is not the only way to obtain the Mega Form; A person who obtains all 14 Chaos Emeralds will be able to obtain the Mega Form. However, because this form has different characteristics than the harboured Chaos Energy version, it is given its own name; the Ultra Form (Akin to the names of Sonic Speeds, being Super, Hyper and Ultra.) The Mega Form reverts the multi-colored spines/body back into a golden color, and in some cases, a pale platinum color akin to that of Shadow's original Super Form. The Ultra Form, however, has the user glow a bright silver color, which slowly changed colors to that of the 14 Chaos Emeralds. The middles spines also split into three different directions and grow slightly over double in length, to the person has, essentially, five rows of spines; the side ones that maintain the upright angle and short length, while the middle spines grow over double their size and maintain a downward angle. The aura surrounding the user also glows the color of their fur and errupts so qucikly that it's nearly impossible to see the aura move. A lot of lightning begins to erupt from the aura as well as it causes friction in the air. These characteristics also appear in the Ultra Form. The key differential characteristic between the Mega and Ultra variations is that, in the Mega Form, they can generate more powerful energy blasts than the Ultra Form and is generally better on the offensive, but the person can only maintain this form for a little over half a minute, while the Ultra Form is substantially weaker by a moderate amount, but can be kept up for a little over a minute, much like the Super and Hyper forms.


Because of the realisation that all the Chaos Emeralds were used when achieving the Third Form, that there would be no other forms after this. However, this is not true. far from it, there is a form that acceeds all the past three forms, but as expected, is not an easy thing, and only one item can grant this form, which, surprising, no one has ever tried before; the power of the Master Emerald. However, Testament, the warrior who became the Master Emerald, will not easily grant his power to just anyone; only a few chosen may wield it perfectly. A person, to obtain this form, must be, in a sense, pure; Their feelings, mind, body, soul and spirit must be calm and collective, to be able to control the powers granted by the Master Emerald. Only three users have been seen wielding this form; Sonic, Shadow, and Summers, and even then they each had difficulties reaching this form. This form, which is aquired from obtaining the absoluteness of Chaos Energy, is abruptly named the Chaos Form, which can only be gotten from the Master Emerald, though it is said that the first king of the Ancient Kingdom had such a power, but was not seen using it. Sonic, Shadow and Summers all tried to coerce with Testament to obtain this form, but they could not; Sonic could not because of him harboring a darker side, and thus was affected by negative energy, while Shadow could not because of his dark attitude and overaggressiveness, and Lastly Summers could not obtain the Chaos Form because he was being overcome by the negativity of using the Hyper Form, and thus they had to train themselves, both mentally and physically, in order to obtain this form and to overcome their Negativity. As a Final test, they each had to fight 5 Chaos Guardians, each harboring the Chaos Emeralds, though only 14 Emerald are in existance, Testament allowed Chaos to partake in the test. Each Chaos Guardian tested them with large fighting prowess as well as horrible mind games. Nonetheless, each one was defeated, and all three reached the Chaos Master Idryo; Testament's Shoukan name. After defeating Idryo in a long and grueling fight, there were transported back to the Shrine infront of everything, in their new Chaos Forms. A Chaos Form's appearance is the same as their Hyper Form, but their fur color is their normal fur color, with golden streaks across the spines, and no flashing stars. An example would be that Sonic's spines stick out like his Hyper Form (slightly higher than his Super Form), but are blue with gold streaks similar to Shadow's. The iris' of the eyes turn a crimson read color as well. The user's personality are all similar; calm and collective, but serious as well, but their key personality trait is amplified; in Sonic, his intention to protect everyone has been heightened, making him more careful and to think before he acts. Shadow, who wishes for no one else he cares for to die, becomes less aggressive and more determined and focuesed. Summers, however, does not have a key personality trait, due to him not knowing much about himself, and thus his overall intentions are raised instead of just one trait. Out of the three of them, who are considered to be perfect, Summers has maintained equality throughout his mind, body and spirit, becoming more absolute than both Sonic and Shadow. As a reward, Sonic, Shadow and Summers were each given an Orb of the Master; an orb which, if they died, would ressurect them and instantly transform them into their Chaos Forms, but could be used only once.


However, like Sonic and Shadow, Summers can succumb to the pain of the negative emotions he will experience when he sees his way of living disturbed, like how Sonic responded when his friends were upset, hurt, or even dying, and how Shadow is enraged when he is opposed by those who grief him. However, Summers transforms into a form that is more powerful than Dark Sonic and Dark Shadow. Unlike their standard forms where their fur just becomes a slightly dark shade of their normal fur color and because more violent, Summers has darker fur, the power to control Space, the scelera in his eyes turns pitch black, and his clothing turns to black, while the flames on his shoes become indigo. A black X also forms along his chest; this X is the sign of the Fallen, who was an Angel turned Demon, and is said to of cursed the Shouka Tribe to, once a millenia, breed a Devil. Summers was that person, and bu succumbing to his negative emotions, would become Dark, or Devil, Summers. Along with his appearance, he would grow a pair of bat-like wings to enable him faster flight. The power is said to be stronger than of the Super Form, but not the Hyper Form, and, although only the beginning stage, is stronger than the Dark Super Form. Summers' first, and last, transformation into this form was after he saw Cream and Cheese attacked by Mecha Summers, who was previously besting both Sonic and Summers in combat, was outmatched and outclassed; each of Mecha Summers' attacks were parried or countered. Near the end of the confontation, Dark Summers used his powers to implode Space around Mecha Summers who, at the last minute, managed to avoid being crushed, but his right arm was caught in the attack, and was severed from his body and remained unrepairable. Mecha Summers fled the battle, but Summers did not calm down. When confronted by Sonic, Summers blasted him away, and flew off into the distance, remaining in this form for the next several weeks. Like other Dark Forms, this form is fueled and kept going by negative energies. Although much more aggressive than other Dark Forms, it is implied that Summers could still tell friend from foe, as he did not kill Sonic outright before he disappeared, or it could be that Summers only had a one-track mind of defeating his mecha counterpart, but it is unknown.


Weeks later, Mecha Summers would return, with his arm replaced, and ready to destroy. After Mecha Summers obtained the Seven Chaos Emeralds and become Super Mecha Summers, it seemed lost as the islands were slowly being destroyed. However, Dark Summers would return to settle the score. Confident, Super Mecha Summers would attack Dark Summers, but his attacks were matched with Summers' own; the fight was beginning to become a stalemate, until Mecha charged up and fired his Solar Eclipse Cannon, which, not only was too much for Summers, but destroyed over half of the surrounding area, and killed Summers. As Mecha Summers laughed in triumph, the Orb of the Master that Summers was carrying began to glow, but was then curropt by the Fallen's curse, turning this bright green gem into a dark black and indigo Void, ressurecting Summers as Black Summers; Summers' Dark Super Form, but was as strong as the Chaos Form, and then some. Shocked at the revelation, Super Mecha Summers fired another Solar Eclipse Cannon, but, to his surprise, was negated completely; Black Summers had used his own powerful dark energies to dissipate the beam into nothing. It was the first time Mecha experienced something he though he'd never experience in his life; fear. In a matter of seconds, Black Summers took one step foward, and suddenly appeared right infront of Mecha, who was hundreds of feet away from him. In a split second, Mecha Summers was rendered into mere scrap parts and vaporised as black flames consumed him. After the fight, the darkness quickly disappeared, leaving his body in a blaze of black flames, leaving him unconcious. It is said that Black Summers, at the time, was the most powerful being on Earth and was unmatched by everyone. In appearance, Summers grows many spines in different directions, as long as his Mega/Ultra Form, some longer, and grows four white horns on his head, while on his forehead he grows a parting of quills that extend to the sides. It is unknown about Black Summers' personality in this form, as it only lasted for about 14 seconds before destroying Mecha Summers, but it is speculated that Black Summers only had one goal in mind; the destroy whatever he was after. Once that purpose was done, his darkness was quelled, and reverted back to normal. This form, like his Dark Form, was never seen since.


It wouldn't be until months later that would mean that the Earth was in danger again. It was during a grueling fight with the Gizoid Type 00 - Gai'Vahros that would mean that Sonic and co had to fight seriously. In their Super Forms, they managed to defeat the Gizoid, who, after being worn down, the metallic plates and circuitry began to fall from the being's body, revealing the Shoukan Shinras. Shinras, having been imprisoned in his exoskeleton for 4000 years, became insane, and aimed on destroying all life. However, Summers was an equal match for him, but when Shinras obtained his Super Form, Summers' own could not keep up, and had to transform into his Hyper Form to get the better of him. When all seemed won, Shinras had another transformation; one no one would of thoigh could exist; It looked liked a Super Form, but every spine stuck outwards and upwards, growing double in length, and caused an aura so violent that it burnt all those who went near it. Shinras called this the Legendary Mobian Form. Summers, even in his Chaos Form, could not defeat it. It was the only time that Summers wished he would transform into his Dark Form, but part of him could not allow him to do so. After being cheered on from his friends, he realised what what holding him back; his own rightiousness, desire to protect, and his divine retribution. As spectacular as he transformed into his Black Form, Summers began to make a new transformation; one that only he could become; his God Form. Shinras was struck in awe at seeing a living prophecy; "One who will become the Devil and harbor the God." What happened afterwards is not known; both Summers and Shinras disappeared in a flash of light, never to be seen or heard from again. Summers' God Form is similar to his Black Form; His spines grow and differ in directions, but his body turns a bright white with a white and gold aura around him. Along wih that, the Greek letter Omega appears on his forehead and his chest, which first lead to him being called Omega Summers, but after the revelation of the powers he had, was then refered to God Summers. Like Black Summers, he has the power to control space and matter, as well as the astral plain; Evidence is that he tried to crush Shinras by collapsing space around him, but was not caught. he can control matter by sending what looked like pieces of stardust which glowed in a violet/white color, and by clenching his fist, caused then to explode violently. By controlling the astral plain, he sent powerful blasts from the skies (or the heavens) to attack Shinras. Finally, as proof, Summers used his own power to create spirits to drag Shinras to him, and with a thrust of his hand, plunged into Shinras' chest, though doing no physical harm, and, seemingly, pulled out his soul, which took the manifestation of a bright white orb, and crushed it in his hand, killing Shinras. It is unknown is Summers' personality differs, or if he is actually himself anymore. His voice becomes more high pitched and has an echo affect to it, almost as if he was a ghost.



Since they first met, Summers had considered Sonic a great friend, but Summers still wanted to keep to himself due to his secluded lifestyle, much like Shadows. When they do meet up, however, it never seems to be long enough; Summers would enjoy racing, sparring, talking and training which Sonic, and vice versa. Summers, however, doesn't worry for Sonic; he knows he's more than capable of taking care of himself, not unlike the other characters. Summers has most fun when flying when around Sonic, as Sonic seems to be quite envious that Summers can do this naturally. However, Summers, in turn, was envious that Sonic could live his life so relaxingly, while Summers must cope with his burdens. This was when Summers began to gain a sense of friendship.


At first when Summers and Tails met, Tails considered Summers a friend and vice versa, as Summers was grateful for Tails and his VE (Vitrual Environment) Training Simulations, allowing his to harness his fighting skills, while in turn trained Tails in harnessing his own potential, meaning that in due time Tails could obtain his Super Form with the Chaos Emeralds. As time passed, they created a brotherly bond, Summers thinking of Tails as a younger brother and vice versa. This lead to Summers aquiring a sense of over-protection and disregard of his own well being to protect his friends, many a time taking powerful blows from enemies to make sure Tails and others were out of harms way.


Summers and Knuckles, in the beginning, did not get along well; Summers would often make blunt remarks and small pokes at Knuckle's fighting style, commenting it to be "reckless, slow and a liability to himself", sparking more of a hatred between the two than a rivalry. However, Summers still looked out for Knuckles when he was in trouble, which then eased to a love-hate relationship. As time passed, Summers began to feel guilt over the things he said, and arranged to meet with Knuckles. After emptying his heart towards Knuckles, they both started a great friendship, with Summers giving Knuckles some training and tips on how to become more fast and agile, making Knuckles not only superhumanly strong, but equally as graceful.


They first met rather awkwardly when Amy mistook Summers for Sonic, the same way as she mistook Shadow for Sonic. In the beginning, Summers took a dislike for the young hedgehog because of her compulsive obsession over Sonic and found it to be annoying, to a greater degree than Sonic does. After a small arguement between the two, Summers let Amy know how he truly felt about her, which caused her to be upset, and in turn did Summers; he began to develope a sense of empathy and sympathy, and tried to comfort her. They began to see themselves as close friends, and Summers gave tips on Amy to not be so obsessive over Sonic, nor to be so ignorant of her emotions, such as acting like she doesn't want to go out with him anymore. Summers also began to teach Amy how to control her harboring Chaos Energies, believing her to be a descendant of the Shouka Tribe. from this, Summers became a teacher and mentor for her, and to a lesser extent, saw her as a sister figure.


Shadow and Summers have had an on-off friendship between the two. When they first met, Shadow wanted to fight Summers in question of his allegiance, where Summers managed to win after a fairly lengthy skirmish. Shadow considered a powerful opponent and accepted his place among Sonic and friends. As time passed, Summers would become Shadow's main sparring partner, and vice-versa, though Shadow would become increasingly enraged at his inability to win, which Summers then commented that Shadow's negative emotions are what is holding him back, to which Shadow nearly killed Summers, and in retaliation, so did Summers, giving birth to Summers' sense of betrayal and retribution. In the end, Shadow and Summers sorted their differences when they first obtained their Chaos Forms. From then on, they shared a rival relationship.


Cream first met Summers when Tails took Summers to see her and Amy at the hedgehog's appartment. Seeing cream's graceious and polite attitude, Summers soon took a liking to the young rabbit, giving Summers the sense of admiration and friendly love. Whenever Summers would be round Amy's appartment to train her, he would spend time playing with Cream and Cheese. After some time passed, Summers saw Cream as a daughter, and in-turn become a father figure to her, but did not express any romantic interest in Vanilla, Cream's mother. This was also when Summers became Dark Summers, after seeing Tails, who he considered a younger brother, and Cream, who he considered a daughter, being attacked by Mecha Summers, showing a great deal of love for his two friends.


Summers had first met Rouge when she attempted to steal the Master Emerald, but the feat proved to be impossible as she couldn't lift it. Summers caught her in the act and both of them began to fight; Summers impressed at her powerful kicks, while Rouge in turn was astonished at Summers' fighting skills. Afterwards, Rouge attempted to tempt Summers in joining her with her charms, but Summers was not phased by her actions, stating that he wouldn't join the likes of her, which offended her but nonetheless kept her cool and made her getaway. In time, Summers began to develope a romentic interest in the bat because of her lady-like personality, which he found, obviously, lady-like and attractive. Their relation would develope as time went on, but in the end, Summers did not announce his love for her before he disappeared.


During Summers' time on earth, he managed to find a piece of Emerl, which to the others' astonishment, knew that he could be rebuilt. However, once all of the pieces were found, Summers regained a piece of his memory; when the Nocturnus attacked the Shouka and the Knuckles tribe with their Gizoids, and recognised Emerl; This was the first piece of the puzzle of his past. In anger, Summers attacked Emerl, but Sonic stood in the way. After Summers explained his relation to Emerl, the others were worried and empathetic with him, but in the end, Summers grew to treat Emerl like he was his own brother. As time passed, Emerl had regained his own memories and personality, becoming nearly identical to Summers' old personality, giving Summers the sense of nostalgia, but also awakening some of his other memories. It was then that Summers finally recovered his memories of his past life, when he lived 4000 years ago.

Similarities to Emerl

Summers can be related strongly to Emerl's life during Sonic Battle. Both were found and were, in essence, empty shells of their former selves. Like Emerl, Summers would grow as a person, discovering different traits of himself which he had never experienced before, in the same way how Emerl began to evolve as a sentient being. While Emerl learned how to develope coherent speach and the value of friendship among other emotions, Summers began to slowly develope key emotions that all being contain; friendship, envy, friendly love and romantic love, anger, betrayel, retribution, guilt, regret and such, while also taking on roles in which a person may experience; friend, older brother, brother, father, teacher, rival and mutual enemy, and experienced the rolls in which people played towards him; friend, younger brother, brother, sister, daughter, student, rival and mutual enemy.

Because of Emerl having the same personality as Summers' more immature persona, Summers would see Emerl as nearly a mirror image of himself and also as a medium of past regret, such as when he annoyed Knuckles and then felt guilt, when he upset Amy, and when him and Shadow nearly killed eachother.


S Rank Obtained - Wasn't even worth the effort.

A Rank Obtained - A meaningless task.

B Rank Obtained - Way too easy.

C Rank Obtained - Simple enough.

D Rank Obtained - That was... unexpected...

E Rank Obtained - What's wrong with me today?

Chaos Emerald Obtained - Excellent, another Chaos Emerald.

Rival Fight Victory - What kind of fighting style is that? Challenge me after some training.

Rival Fight Loss - No... i'm not done yet!

Boss Fight Victory - You have no power over me!

Final Boss Victory - You have been shown TRUE power!

Death Quote - No... i can't...

Story Mode Character Select - I must find out who i am!

Arcade and Versus Mode Character Select - Let's get this show on the road.

Arcade and Versus Mode Victory - Challenge me after you've become strong.

Arcade and Versus Mode Lose - You're skills... are impressive...

Sonic Racers Minigame Character Select - What... is this contraption?

Sonic Racers Minigame Victory - Wow... that was pretty fun.

Sonic Racers Minigame Lose - If i was flying you wouldn't be so hot.

Versus Speed Minigame Character Select - No speed can match my flight!

Versus Speed Minigame Victory - I'm the fastest thing alive!

Versus Speed Minigame Lose - What? That's not possible; a fluke!

Kings Minigame Character Select - Hah, i'm the king of Kings!

Kings Minigame Victory - What can i say? I'm just too smart.

Kings Minigame Lose - Hah, outwitted! That was awesome! Go again?

Chaos Busters Minigame Character Select - I'm at my peak when i'm smashing things!

Chaos Busters Minigame Victory - I can't help it if i'm just too good.

Chaos Busters Minigame Lose - Hah, i wasn't quick enough. Good game.

Card X Minigame Character Select - Card game? What's wrong with fighting?

Card X Minigame Victory - I expected this to be more... fun?

Card X Minigame Lose - Good, this "game" was boring, anyway.

Card Battle Minigame Character Select - A test of luck. Luck of the dice.

Card Battle Minigame Victory - Wow, I won. i guess i could get into this...

Card Battle Minigame Lose - Oh well, this isn't like fighting anyways...

Theme Songs

  • Summers - EXILE - "The Next Door" / "Indestructible"
  • Super Summers - BOWL - "Teardrop"
  • Hyper Summers - Atarashi Asa - "Last Train"
  • Mega Summers - Throw the Fight - "Weakest Hour"
  • Chaos Summers - Yoko Shimomura - "Fate of the Unknown"
  • Dark Summers - Tashiro Masuda - "Avenger"
  • Black Summers - Tashiro Masuda - "A Crisis After Another"
  • God Summers - Capcom - "Destined Battle"
  • Summers 25 Years - Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive
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