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This is an article about Sulten the Civet, a character created by EZSulten on 05/5/2013.

Sulten The Civet.png
Sulten the Civet

Real World Connection
Creator & Artist EZSulten (Joe)
Unofficial Theme Song

Sonic and the Secret Rings OST Unawakening Float (Night Palace)

Biographical Overview
Age 14
Birthplace Efrika
Also known as
  • Chaos wielder (By Ire)
  • Chipmunk (By Terra)
  • Flying squrriel (By Terra)
  • Ringtail (By Terra)
  • Night Sap (By Terra)
  • Sul T.Civ/Sul the Civ (Once By Terra)
  • Salty Civ (By Terra)
  • Shady (By Terra)
  • Sul (By Terra & Callie)
  • Sully (By Callie)
  • Stonewielder (By Ire)
  • Stone bearer (By Ire)
Physical Description
Species Civet
Gender Male
Height 90cm (2ft 11in)
Weight 25kg (28lbs)
Fur Black, Brown-Orange, White
Eyes Violet
  • Red button coat with a grey hood and end lining
  • String necklace with Chaos Stone
  • White gloves with sock-like cuffs
  • Black Shoes with white velcro straps and grey platform clinging bottoms
  • Red socks
Alignment and Character Traits
  • Callie the Ocelot (Friend)
  • Ire the Civet (Brother)
  • Shada the Civet (Mother)
  • Terra the Ocelot (Friend)
Alignment Good
  • Being alone
  • Forests 
  • Large grass fields
  • Meditating
  • Moonlight
  • Moon gazing
  • Tree Fruits
  • Wall/side running
  • Warm weather
  • Being alone
  • Cold weather
  • Loved in or going into danger
  • Sunlight
  • Swimming
Skills, Abilites and Powers
  • Chaos powers
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Harnessing chaos energy
  • High jumping abilities
  • High reflexes
  • Super speed
  • Super transformation
  • Very infrequent ability to sense future dangers
Moves and Techniques 

Sulten the Civet (sɪvɨt Civettictis Civetta), mainly referred to as "Sul", is a Male anthropomorphic civet. Sulten is also one of the last of his kind (or so he believes). Originally, Sulten only wore a black slip-over robe with a hood, because it was traditional to his tribe and he didn't have any other pieces of clothing, but that was before he was provided with his new set of clothing.


In the past, Sulten only had a mom named, Shada the Civet, who lived in a forest at the time. He didn't know much other people, except his mom and a group of 15 to 20 civets called "The Chaos Array Tribe". This group was a secret civet-only group that dedicated themselves to the god-like creature, Chaos, who they respected, praised and believed was the one and only god over Mobius and it's fate. Sulten and his mom were apart of the tribe. As members of the Chaos Array Tribe, it was their duty to meet with the other members each month at the end of the month at midnight. On this time, the members would join in a circle around a certain rock in an area of the forest that had a wide open sky view above, then they would perform the Ritual of Chaos, which was runned by the tribe's leader and eldest of the civets, "Rector". This tradition was very common to Sulten. From as far as Sulten could retain, he had done this ever since he was six.

Sulten's life, at that point, didn't involve much, just living in a forest and monthly going to the Ritual of Chaos, until one ritual, he was joined by his brother, "Ire the Civet". Sulten had no idea that Ire was his brother, until it was revealed by Ire, then confirmed by Rector and Shada that Ire actually was his brother who was kicked out of the tribe and abandoned by Shada for trying to obtain The Chaos Stone, that Rector held at all times around his neck. When Ire came, he was only interested in obtaining the Chaos Stone and he wasn't afraid of who he had to face in order to get it. Ire guickly killed all the civets who got in his way, as well as Shada and Rector, leaving back Sulten. Sulten didn't know how to fight, so he just guickly got in front of Rector before Ire reached Rector's body, then he swiped the Chaos Stone and ran away. Fortunately, Sulten escaped his brother without harm or chase, but unfortunately, he was left all alone with the mission to always stay hidden.

Some time later, Sulten had already found another forest in which he could hide in and perform the Ritual of Chaos again. From this, he went back to how he lived his life before and although it wasn't completely the same as before, it still brought him some satisfaction. On day, after finishing the Ritual of Chaos, he came across "Callie the Ocelot", who was being pursued by an Eggman Robot. Sulten saw that Callie was in trouble, so he defeated the robot, using the new power of the Chaos Stone he had never used before. Once Sulten finished helping out Callie, he took her back home to her sister, "Terra the Ocelot". When Sulten met Terra, Terra wasn't very found of him, but she was grateful that helped rescue her sister and then she asked him who he was. Sulten told her his name, but explained his past differently. He altered thing, stating that the Civet tribe was actually his family and Ire didn't have a name, in act he never was his brother, but an Eggman robot, in a way to lie to Terra. From this, Terra felt sorry for Sulten, so she took him into her home and gave him new clothes. Terra then came up with the decision to take care of Sulten, but only if he helped work on tasks and chores. Sulten accepted, got provided new clothes from Terra, then began to live with Callie and Terra.


Sulten is a character with an easygoing personality who stays distant and doesn't talk much with new people, but when he gets more commonly use to a person, such as Callie, he shows more of a sense of humor or casual social outreach. Sulten's living habits involve staying indoors for most of the day and coming out at nighttime. He's also the type of person who will show a bit of sensitivity to something he feels connected to, but there will be often times when he tries to hide his true feelings from everyone for what he feels would be for the greater good. If there's also secrets he feels he must hide for the greater good, he will do his best to do so without flaw.


Sulten has the natural ability of hand-to-hand combat (although it took him awhile to develop), high jumping, high reflexes, super speed and side/wall running. He also harnesses chaos energy, using the power of the chaos stone he holds on a string necklace around his neck. The chaos stone allows him to use such chaos powers as chaos nightmare, chaos spear, chaos strike, deflact and energy ball. There has also been times where he has predicted the future, based on visions from a dream or quick eye flash, but this infrequently happens, which makes it not a fully developed ability. It hasn't been found if Sulten can use chaos abilities without the chaos stone, because he holds it with him at all times.

Super Transformation

Sulten also has a super trasformation, which extends his use of chaos powers to chaos attack, chaos boost, chaos impact, spear of light and chaos snap. Usually, his super transformation can only be unlocked if he encounters rage or a high passsion to fight, triggered by emotional conflict of his past events, fear of the future or harm to a loved once that may or will happen.

His super transformation also gives him the ability to fly as well as the slight alteration in his appearance. His eyes will turn from violet to red, his ears will be curved toward each other while looking sharp, his fur will turn from brown-orange to brown-red and sharp nails will be shown out of his glove's fingertips.

The chaos stone will also change, by altering its color to either black or white. Black represents when Sulten loses control and fights with his rage leading him. At this point his eyes will show no pupils, just an empty space. White represents when Sulten is in control and fights with his own intention behind each attack he uses. His eyes won't change, but they'll still be red.


Sulten the Civet (Original).png

Original "Sulten The Civet"

This is the original "Sulten The Civet", but the design was scrapped, because it resembled more of an Asian Civet than an African Civet, the stone wasn't the right chaos stone's image and his clothes didn't match to the right environmental conditions he was going to bear. I also wanted another colour than black to make him stand out.