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Sulama the Dunnart (pronounced "soo-LAH-mah") is a summoner that serves the Water Clan of Neso. She is the twin sister of Lusawin the Dunnart.

Physical Description

A slender dunnart who stands a little over three feet tall, Sulama has a somewhat short muzzle with a round nose, quite large and fairly rounded ears that stand upright, and a relatively thick, medium-length tail that tapers down to a point.

Her fur is primarily Egyptian blue in color, with a white muzzle and chest. Bold, black lines run from the front of her eyes down to the tip of her snout, and the tips of her ears are also black. Her hair, which is shoulder length and straight, is dark purple in color, and her eyes are malachite in color.

Her outfit consists of a tank top, a skirt, and boots.


The Elemental Wars

Sulama first appears in Part 4, where she, Kirisame the Deer, and Rastopiti the Desman were waiting for two other Water Clan members to return with news regarding possible Nihlic clan activity around their home. The runners, Kaatosade the Rat and Resaca the Salamander, finally arrive with the news; while there were no Nihlic forces spotted, Kaatosade commented that they could just "be hiding".

Eventually Kirisame noticed that the sun was going down, and stated that they should be getting back inside and figuring out who's going to do a night shift, to which Sulama volunteers. Roughly an hour passes, and Sulama hears footsteps. Thinking its a fellow Water Clan member come to relieve her of the shift, she is surprised to instead see a Mobianized Typhlosion carrying a dimly glowing sword. and wearing obsidian armor. A bit of tense conversation is exchanged, where Sulama becomes increasingly uncomfortable, until she finally tells Sedrick that he isn't allowed to be here, due to the problems occurring in the Water Clan.

Sedrick's intentions suddenly become far more sinister, as he grabs Sulama by the arm and hurls her away from the entrance Golden Cove as she tries to retreat. Bubbles attacks him in response, but he soon dislodges the Sea Imp and throws her at her Summoner, where they collide. He attempts to drive his blade into the dunnart, but she rolls out of the way just in time, and the sword gets stuck. Angered, he leaves his weapon and turns on her, generating electricity in his hands. Noticing that this scared her, he charged, spurred on by predatory bloodlust, and struck her hard below the ribcage with a Thunder Punch. The strike paralyzed her, and she collapsed.


Base Stats
Other Stats

As a Summoner, Sulama often relies on her Summoned creature, a Sea Imp named Bubbles, to aid her in combat. The bond she shares with her Summon makes it quite powerful, and the two fight alongside each other against their enemies.

This is not to say that Sulama is helpless without her Summon; she is an adept Hydromancer, and carries a shortbow for extra protection. Her Hydromancy is a bit more defensive than that of the Battle Mages and Soldiers, however.

She is also quite agile, and can easily dodge the attacks of slow-moving opponents. However, she is fragile, and thus relies partly on her agility to survive without her Summon.

Summon: Sea Imp

The creature that Sulama connected with early in her training as a Summoner, the female Sea Imp, which she named Bubbles, fights alongside her master.


Sulama is relatively resistant to the Elements of Water and Fire (her Water resistance is somewhat higher, however). She is also quite agile, able to dodge slow-moving opponents and attacks with ease.


Sulama is weak to to the Elements of Electricity and Nature. Her defenses aren't anything special, therefore she mostly relies on her agility to try and evade potentially devastating attacks.

Friends and Foes







Sulama is generally quite friendly to everyone, even to strangers; she may be a bit shy at first, but she opens up to them easily. Unfortunately, as a result she's rather naive and gullible, and is easy to take advantage of.

Despite this, she is unflinchingly loyal to the Water Clan, and dedicated to her role of protecting it from danger. She shares a deep bond with her Sea Imp Familiar, Bubbles, and treats her like a best friend.

Positive Traits

  • Friendly
  • Loyal

Neutral Traits

Negative Traits

  • Naive



Her name is the Estonian word for "liquefy".

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