A loud spoken country girl who moved to Empire City after her father got a huge promotion. Some times she can feel home-sick.

Suki Pukket
Suki The Monkey 2

Current Years and Days
Name Suki Pukket
Profession(s), Occupation(s)
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 19
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Gender: Female
Attire [Clothing]
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s)
  • Dancing
  • Psychic Abilities
Likes Parties, music, BBQ, Football(She is Watching the Super Bowl Now!!!Suki:Go Saints!!),Baseball, Tennis, The Country, Camping, Praying(her Beliefs), Boys
Dislikes Being bored, Jerks, being alone, people feeling sad, feeling home sick, ballet, soccer
  • West City
Current Residence
  • Empire City
Alternative Names
  • Suk
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • Anna Paquin
Japanese Voice Actor

West City

West City is a highly Texas/Louisiana based fanmade HUB (by me) and is the birth place of Suki Pukket. It is a small town were everyone knows everyone and it is very peaceful. Every night there is a party somewhere in the town. Suki Pukket loves her home-town. She lived here until she turned 17.


Suki was sad to leave her home. So with her dad's new promotion she felt depressed.Her cousin cheered her up. Her and her cousin are best friends by the way. Suki was astonished to see all the bright lights and the celebrities. She was amazed but still felt homesick. She saw a poster advertising a party. She decided to see what it was about. When she entered the club she heard them her favorite song. She realized that they were all from the same nation and shouldn't be separated. She is from USA before she from West City! She knows she'll be okay now!


Suki is a fun loving girl who loves to party. She has a strong nationalistic view and loves nothing more than her life. She has a feel good attitude. She is very funny and sweet often making friends in any situation. She is a very idealistic person who believes everything will turn out fine. She sees what she wants to and feels this life is only bad when people make it bad. At the end of the day she believes we should all put our hands up and listen to the beat.

Theme Songs

If you have any suggestions for themes let me know!! Be sure to tell me the explanation why too!!

Theme Explanation

Party In The U.S.A~ This song describes Suki perfectly.It explains her personality, her moving, and her love for music and people all over the U.S.A (Sorry bout this to anyone not from the U.S it's just she has a very strong sense of nationalism and DOES NOT hate people of other countries.)

A Safe Heaven

Being that Suki is 19 she lives with Sami on their own. They live in a large apartment that allows you to see all of Empire City. It is complete with lavish furniture, a living room, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a patio, and a sky deck with a hot tub. Her home usually is an HQ for Sonic and Co. It has also housed Mystic for a time. A running is her house is always getting wrecked from fights with Eggman. She gives her dad the bill and hears his ranting and raving for a whole week.


Suki usually displays her strength when angry (similar to Sakura from Naruto). She usually shows this aggression towards Knuckles when he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Suki shouldn't be taken lightly as her strength rivals that of Knuckles himself.

Another ability of Suki's is the ability to read minds. She doesn't like to use this however and rarely does. It can give her a headache and once she activates it it becomes hard to stop hearing the thoughts.


"Party In The U.S.A"

"Let's Party"

"Just put your hands up"

"It's fine feel free"

"Love your home"

Character Interactions

Mystic Monkey

Suki met Mystic when he saved her from Dr. Eggman. Ever since then Suki has grown to like Mystic more than a friend. While Mystic is too shy to returns the feelings Suki believes he likes her too! (Especially after he admitted she was very beautiful)

Suki knew he was an adventuring hero traveling the world helping those he meet and in return for saving her from Eggman offered a place of rest for him from his travels, though he courteously declined they met not too soon after again in the city where Mystic fell into trouble in the big city and insisted he should stay with her. While staying Mystic told her he was from Grand Kingdom (A modern version of S&tBK verison) but left his home to be himself. Suki assured him the importance of "origin" and that it's alright to be a patriot. Her story of moving from the country to the city which Mystic could relate too. They have became friends fast, with Mystic proud to be an Englishmonkey.

Dr.Robotnik (Eggman)

Suki hates Eggman with a passion and refuses to tell him anything when he captured her. She feels Eggman is a diabolical mad man (which he is). Eggman has on a few occasion commented on Suki's beauty (in a perverted manner) and as a response has been smacked in the face numerous times)

Sonic The Hedgehog

While Suki thinks Sonic is a little cute she would never go out with him. She feels he is too immature and him being 15 would just get her made fun of. While Sonic is running she will usually trip him. But all in all Sonic and Suki are pretty good friends and always have time to chill and catch a chili dog. Which always raises the question of who likes them more.

Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles and Suki are some what friends. Knuckles stayed with Suki when the master emerald was stolen by Eggman. Knuckles usually underestimates Suki because she has an innocence to her and the fact that she is a girl. However Suki is equal in raw power with Knuckles and can stand her own against him. A running gag while Knuckles lived with Suki is him walking in on her getting undressed or showering always resulting in a huge slap and a huge red mark on Knuckles face. Suki is one of the few girls Knuckles doesn't have a crush on seeing Suki as an older sister.

Miles "Tails" Prower

While Knuckles stayed with Suki Tails monitored the house to make sure Eggman didn't try and capture Suki. He has talked to Suki on a few occasions and seems to look up to her strength. He usually makes fun of Knuckles for him walking in on Suki and getting slapped. Suki finds Tails so adorable and always feeds him with her American food (hot dogs, cheeseburgers, etc.)

Nani The Cat

While at first Suki tried to stop Nani from running a muck through Empire City she later saw that Nani wasn't evil. She saw that she needed help and offered to help her. She helped Nani to get a working visa until she could become a citizen (after five years). Currently Suki is still teaching Nani proper English. The two do get along however even though Nani acts like a man. Which sometimes makes Suki wonder if Nani really thinks she is a boy and has a crush on her.

Sami Pukket

She is Suki's cousin and best friend. These two live together in Suki's apartment. They have been bet friends since childhood and are pretty much inseparable. Suki is about the only person Sami can truly trust. Suki often tries to break Sami out of her shell.


Suki Letting her hair down

Suki letting her hair down

Suki The Monkey 4
Suki jogging outfit

Suki in Jogging outfit

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