This is an article about Sugar the Artificial Lifeform, a character created by SPop120 on 05/24/2013.


Before Death and Resurrection

Luiba had messy red hair, light tan fur, and looked very similar to Cerys, her sister. She wore a long blue and green striped sundress, along with black flats.

After Death and Resurrection

"Sugar" now has extremely short white hair, chocolate brown fur, and cinnamon colored bunny ears with white tufts of fur at the bottom where the lop-ears end. She wears a black leather jumpsuit, and has a long cat tail. She wears a green belt with two white stripes at the top and the bottom, with a silver buckle. She wears black leather combat boots, and a gun strapped to her belt. She also has a robotic eye, hand, ear, foot, ankle, and elbow.


Before Death and Resurrection

Luiba was quiet, sweet, and couldn't hold a grudge against anyone. She loved being in the company of her older sister, Cerys. She was brave, and would do anything for family and friends, no matter the cost.

After Death and Resurrection

"Sugar" is extremely rude, and is willing to kill people off no matter the cost, and willing to betray them. She is still brave, and holds grudges against everyone, including her sister, Cerys, who she now despises dearly. She is very rude to people at first, and almost always has a smart-alec comment to say. She is very sassy.


Before Death and Ressurrection

Luiba was happy and enjoyed being in the company of her family. Cerys would often take her to the park, and they'd read stories by the trees in the shade, and they would then chase each other, and have a picnic there. Luiba enjoyed life very much, and was living life to the fullest everyday. She loved watching the clous and stargazing, up until the moment she died. That one day Quill killed her crushed her dreams, her hopes, and Cerys' too.

After Death

After her death, a funeral service was held in her honor, but Cerys did not attend, simply because she was absolutley crushed, but Maralla and Edward, their parents, did not hold it against her, as there was nothing she could do. Luiba was buried under their favorite tree at the park, and there was a tombstone right there, and Cerys no longer goes to the park, or anywhere they would go together. However, Luiba's grave was grave robbed, and her organs stolen, as was her body for one night, but then only the body was returned, not the organs.


Quill and Dr. Knackburn gathered a fresh new body donated to them, and they replaced all of the organ's with Luiba's, except the damaged ones, where robotic parts were placed, and she was resusitated through electricity. Quill managed to brainwash her to be evil, and now took the identity of "Sugar", and planning to wipe out her entire family, Luce, and her friends.


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Sugar's limits are unknown at the moment, and so is her flexibility, since some of her muscles were replaced with robotic parts. Her temper can also be used against her, and as well as her rudeness. She is also not very clever, and can be outsmarted. She is also not a very efficent climber, but she could if she needed to. She dislikes it if she is labeled as a "prototype", as this hurts her feelings.

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