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Suarra the Cat is a male black Blaze the Cat recolor, and leader of The Nine Raiju Fangs.



Suarra is arrogant, egotistical, sadistic, and destructive. Suarra has immense pride and faith in advanced elements, nelieving them to be superior to the base elements in every possible way. Conversely, he looks down on those who use the basic elements with disgust and contempt, believing them to be worthless, weak, and pathetic, and that those elements should be wiped from the planet. Suarra is very short-tempered and quick to anger, and will strike out violently at the object of his anger. Suarra is rash and has an extremist mentallity, willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top and deal as crushing a defeat as possible. Suarra does have a compassionate side, but it is strictly reserved for his team-mates and those who have been discriminated against for wielding advanced elements. Suarra will immediately take vengeance on the discriminator, and try to leave them with the same sense of "pride" that he has. However, those who wield advanced elements and fight for or alongside those with base elements are treated with the same scorn and hatred.


As a Troll, Suarra has above-average strength, superspeed, and regeneration powers. However, Suarra is either incapable of or merely refuses to use Chaos Powers. Instead, Suarra wields the advanced element of Black Electricity, combining the elements of Darkness and Electricity. Suarra has complete mastery over this element, capable of using it to its full potential. This gives Suarra incredible power and variety in his attacks, as he is able to fully control the electricity and the shape it into any form he wishes, including weapons.


Suarra is a male Blaze the Cat recolor. His fur is black, and he has blood-red eyes, which lack eyelashes. The jewel in his forehead is electric blue, and his ponytail is slacked and tipped with white. He wears a coal-black closed vest with dark-red highlights. Suarra doesn't wear gloves, but the back of his hands are black, but his knuckles down are white, as are his palms, and the tips of his fingers are sharp with claws. He wears black jeans with a blood-red belt, and black boots with spikes on the bottom like cleets.


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