Style into dreams warped, is a game for the ps3 only late it will go in the wii and wii U. How the game is set on the lovely islands of spagonia day and reala has got 4 of his evil workers trying to capture the crystals in each of the 30 levels. Style and Spyro must save their friends and take action in the warp zone, in each warp zone there is 5 levels and a boss level when obtained the crystals in the levels

Warp zones, levels, and characters

Warp zone 1

The Neo Green warp zone

  • Level 1 Sunny Villa   (Style)
  • Level 2 N-Sanity Beach  (Style)
  • Level 3 Space Port 9   (SpyroSonic)
  • Level 4 Shuibuya Downtown (Style)
  • Level 5 Spagonia Day (Style)
  • Boss 1 Cortex  (Style and Spyro)
  • Aiai is now a playable character after deafeating cortex

Warp Zone 2

The Temple warp zone

  • Level 6 Hydrocity (Style)
  • Level 7 Mushroom Speedway (SpyroSonic)
  • Level 8 Jungle Zone (Aiai)
  • Level 9 Astroied Belt (Style)
  • Level 10 High Time (Style)
  • Boss 2 The Sorceress (Style and Aiai)
  • Knuckles is a playable character after deafeating the Sorceress

Warp Zone 3

The Galaxy warp zone

  • Level 11 Angle Island (Knuckles)
  • Leve 12 Tokyo Drift (Style)
  • Level 13 Chily Castle (SpyroSonic)
  • Level 14 Crazy Crater (SpyroSonic)
  • Level 15 Adder's liar (Aiai)
  • Boss 3 Dr,Eggman (Style and Aiai)
  • Rosalina is a playable character after deafeating Dr.eggman

Warp Zone 4

The Space Park warp zone

  • Level 16 Rainbow Road (Rosalina)
  • Level 17 Icicle Valley (Style)
  • Level 18 Scrap Brain Zone (SpyroSonic)
  • Level 19 Temple Trouble (Aiai)
  • Level 20 Dream Valley (Knuckles)

Warp Zone 5

The Time Riper warp zone

  • Level 21 Carnival Park (Knuckles)
  • Level 22 Cliff Hanger (Rosalina)
  • Level 23 Harbour Speedway (SpyroSonic)
  • Level 24 Escape (Pudding)
  • Level 25 Death Egg (Style)
  • Boss 5 Reala (Style and Pudding)
  • 6th warp zone unlocks when obtained 15 gems

Warp Zone 6

The Time relic warp zone

  • Level 26 Palmtree Panic (Rosalina and Style) (unlocks after getting 5 time relics)
  • Level 27 Fanon Portal (Pudding and Style) (unlcoks after getting 10 time relics)
  • Level 28 Steel Canyon (Aiai and Style) (unlocks after getting 15 gold relics)
  • Level 29 Dino Mines (Knuckles and Style) (unlcoks after getting 20 gold relics)
  • Level 30 Time Space (SpyroSonic and Style) (unlocks after getting 29 gold relics)
  • Boss 6 All bosses showdown 
  • Can have any character play on any level after beating the all bosses showdown 3 times


Cyan Crystals

  • They are the key to deafet reala plan there are 25 to get (must get), after that 5 addtional crystals are added

Power Gems

  • in each level after breaking a certain amount of boxes you will get a gem, also there are levels that have 2 of the same gems, the other one has to be one by not dieing in a level and going throught the alternitive route, the colour gems are extremley hard to get, they are won by the headest levels in a warp zone

Time Relics

  • They are won by completing the level in the fastests time, Note: you can access the relic challange in a level when you have obtained the crystal
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