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Stygian Spear is a powerful Dark-aligned attack, and Voidstar's signature move.


The user manifests a spear of pure darkness, and either throws it or stabs the foe with it. The Piceous Spear has great piercing capabilities, and explodes in a violent burst of Dark energy upon contact with the opponent. The explosion temporarily darkens the area to a considerable degree, making it much harder to see unless one has nocturnal vision.


Normally, only Voidstar (and The Omnimental) can use this move. However, anyone he possesses can also use this move.


  • Lava Spear: Fire variant, and Fiamme's signature move.
  • Blinding Spear: Holy variant, and Celeritas' signature move.
  • Hurricane Spear: Wind variant, and Khazri's signature move.
  • Voltage Spear: Electric variant, and Haeos' signature move.
  • Frostbite Spear: Ice variant, and Kyanos' signature move.
  • Geo Spear: Earth variant, and Temblor's signature move.
  • Monsoon Spear: Water variant, and Neso's signature move.
  • Verdant Spear: Nature variant, and Mokuhana's signature move.
  • Corrosive Spear: Poison variant, and Dantamu's signature move.
  • Illusion Spear: Illusion variant, and Depelluischion's signature move.

Derived Techniques

  • Dark Spear - A somewhat weaker, slower and smaller attack, capable for anyone to use.